Day Passes

Weekend Passes

Who is looking forward to 13-14 July, 2019 – the 30th Abbey Medieval Festival?

To speed up your entry security will be checking bags for online purchasers in the area outside the gates from 7.30am on both days. Gates will open at 8.30am – that is 30 minutes prior to admission of other patrons! Gates will open at 9.00am for gate sales.


Joust tickets are now included in your entry. Please note, you will be able to collect additional Joust tickets from the Joust Ticket stall on the Tournament weekend (located next to the Jousting Gate).

Tournament Weekend

Your ticket includes the Grand Parade which follows the opening ceremony.  Witness more than a thousand medieval re-enactors showcasing a thousand years of history.

Throughout the weekend, the festival program offers a wide range of medieval experiences, and entertainment including four official tournaments – Joust, Archery, Strength and Skill and Turkish Oil wrestling.  There is something on the program for everyone, from Historical Combats to Medieval dance, Turkish Oil Wrestling to music and fabulous street performers and much more!

There will be more than sixty stalls selling a wide range of products, arts and crafts in Australia’s most authentic medieval market.  You’ll also experience delicious medieval food and drink.  Don’t forget to try an authentic venison pie at the “Stag Inn”, or ale or cider at the Friar’s Folly Tavern.

Historical Combat

One of the most popular features of the Tournament weekend are the historical fighting displays.  The armoured combats include a variety of fighting styles – tourneys, melees and individual combats, including Viking, Dark Age, High Middle Ages and Byzantine warriors, Turkish Janissaries and gallant Renaissance swordsmen.

The Tournament of Strength and Skill

The Tournament of Strength and Skill is a medieval ‘obstacle course’ which was designed to train knights for the field of battle and to test their physical prowess. This event can be seen on the Castle arena and will test the important skills that a combatant would require on the field of battle such as speed, balance, strength, ability to vault a horse and accuracy with a spear, lance and sword.

Medieval Music and Bands

As you wander around Abbeystowe you will hear and see musicians entertaining with all manner of medieval instruments – the hurdy gurdy, medieval bagpipes, harp, lute and other weiord and wonderful instruments. You may see musicians playing in the Tavern or strolling through the markets or at the gates. Take time to listen to the haunting melodies and allow yourself to be transported back in time.


Not only do we have a number of dance displays for your enjoyment, there will also be workshops for you to join in on the fun.  In the Village Green we offer our visitors a chance to put on your dancing shoes and step into the lime light and learn some popular and energetic medieval dances.

Turkish Oil Wrestling

Oil wrestling has been part of Turkish history for over 600 years. At the Abbey Medieval Festival, the Janissary Barracks will show-case this spectacular sport, complete with traditional rituals and customs. Competitors wear special knee length leather shorts imported from Turkey and cover themselves with oil before the wrestling begins.  Make sure you get yourself a place early to see the action!


The Archery competition held on the Castle Arena is a prestigious event for skilled archers (re-enactors only) to compete for the title of the Abbey Tournament Archery Champion.

At the far northern end of the Festival Site, our visitors who would like to try their hand at the traditional English longbow, can join the Traditional Archery Companye who will be running a small archery field.

Street Performers

As you wander the festival markets and grounds keep an eye open for our medieval street performers. There will be theatre and games, jugglers and acrobats, stilt-walkers and puppet and costume parades for your entertainment all day long. Keep an eye out for the All Star Fishing, this very talented family of jugglers started entertaining at our festival as young teenagers and that was 23 years ago.