Unfortunately, the VIP Experience is sold out for 2017!

Kick your Abbey Medieval Festival experience up a notch this year….how about a  VIP ticket?

I think we’d have to agree that the aristocratic and the royalty and ‘Upper Class’ had all the fun in the medieval times!

Wouldn’t you  like to have a little insight to that life-style…..even just for a day? Hob nob it a bit?

We have made it possible!  The Abbey Medieval VIP experience is exactly what you need if you are wanting to treat your family to something extra special.  Perhaps you have visitors or a business client that you really want to show a good time to.  Maybe someone that you have been neglecting and want to make-up for it.  Then, the Abbey Medieval Festival VIP experience is for you!

This is the experience you can expect to enjoy when you visit the Abbey Medieval Festival as a VIP.

  • The best parking on site, especially for people with kids and prams, older people or those that simply don’t want to walk.
  • Undelayed entry to the festival via the ‘VIP only’ gate – no queues included with your VIP experience!
  • Exclusive access to the VIP only area all day – wander in and out at your pleasure!
  • Our hosts serve food and beverages throughout the day, including morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea (no alcohol before 10.00am)
  • VIP-only seating at all four of the jousts, with the best view- and don’t be shy to grab yourself a lance-tip as a souvenir!
  • VIP only amenities – again, no queues (Thank Goodness for that!!)
  • Opportunity to meet and greet the jousters, and special photo opportunities!

Tickets on sale now!

(Please note, entry to the VIP area is restricted to VIP ticket holders only!)