Battles! Armour! Noble Steeds! Castles! Lovely Ladies!

Are these the type of things your dreams are made of? If they are, then look no further, The Abbey Museum will host a Knighting Ceremony for all you budding modern day Knights.

The tradition of the Knighting Ceremony is a time that marks an immense change for a young knight. It symbolises the end of a dangerous and unyielding period of training, and the elevation into an elite international Brotherhood. A knighthood can be declared upon any deserving person, by a Knight, through a traditional ceremony, or much simpler methods such as a punch to the chest, or tap on the shoulder.

A popular time for Knighting Ceremonies to occur is on the eve of a tournament, battle or joust, as they provided the newly Knighted a chance to show the others they had “earned their spurs”.

Put on your best Armour or loveliest (and most authentic of course) gown and head into the Abbey Church for our very own Knighting Ceremony!

When: Friday 7th July, on the eve of the Abbey Tournament.

Where: The Abbey Church, Caboolture

Time: 7:30pm