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Witness a Knighting Ceremony

Shining Armour.  Mysterious Ceremonies. Twilight.  Honour and Pride.  The stuff of yore!

Yes?….No!…. the Abbey Museum hosts a Knighting Ceremony straight from the pages of a history book.  Knights. Swords. Candlelight. And mystery.

The tradition of the Knighting Ceremony is a time that marks an immense change for a young knight. It symbolises the end of a dangerous and unyielding period of training, and the elevation into an elite international Brotherhood. A knighthood can be declared upon any deserving person, by a Knight, through a traditional ceremony, or much simpler methods such as a punch to the chest, or tap on the shoulder.

A popular time for Knighting Ceremonies to occur is on the eve of a tournament, battle or joust, as they provided the newly Knighted a chance to show the others they had “earned their spurs”.

Don your best Armour or finest gown and head into the Abbey Church and witness a page in history.

When: Friday 13th July, on the eve of the Abbey Tournament.

Where: The Abbey Church, Caboolture

Time: 7:30pm