Order of the Horse

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order of the horse

In the Year of the Horse came the ‘Order of the Horse’, a group of elite Medieval horse warriors.

Order of the Horse is a historical re-enactment group of elite riders and mounted/foot combat, who work along side many other groups. Order of the Horse conducts displays on 12th, early 13th and 14th century horses, cavalry, archery, armour and cooking. They also focus on the history of the 12th, early 13th and 14th century knights and their horses, clothing, etc, with a particular focus on the 2nd and 3rd crusades including Saracens.

Order of the Horse

The members of the group are veterans of the Abbey Medieval Festival and Tournament for last 10 years, that once belonged to other Abbey groups. This group is well respected by QLHF and ALHF and performs at other interstate events as well as the Festival. The members and horses are also internationally prized as one of Australia’s top Napoleonic equestrians. The head and founder of the group was also on the Abbey build board 2015 and is one of the key knights and performers that has been bringing trained horses to the Abbey for the last 10 years.

Returning again in 2016, Order of the Horse are very much looking forward to educating the public on the 12th Century Saracen and 2nd and 3rd Crusades, and giving many amazing and authentic displays.

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