It’s official! 2012 Abbey Medieval Festival a “huge success”

The 2012 Abbey Medieval Festival has been called a “huge success” after the release of the official attendance figures today.

The record-breaking attendance figure of 37,302 is an increase of over 10,000 visitors from last year.

“The Abbey Medieval Festival is an incredible success story and the whole region should be proud of what we have achieved,” said Marketing Manager Suesann Vos.

“We have proved once again it is one of Queensland’s best-loved festivals.

“There are many factors behind this success.

“The exciting television commercials by Oversea Films helped motivate people to come out to the Abbey Medieval Festival.

“We have a fabulous marketing team that has spread the word through the State-wide media, social media and our website.

“The Abbey Medieval Festival has established some really important partnerships with far-sighted supporters such as the North East Business Park, Morayfield Shopping Centre and PR Print.

“There was a strong growth in the popularity of Kids’ Medieval Fun Day on Tuesday 3 July.

“The Festival was boosted by fantastic publicity – we had Weekend Sunrise broadcasting from Abbeystowe on Saturday 7 July.

“Congratulations to Director Edith Cuffe and our dedicated band of 280 volunteers.

“We are now working on how to deliver an even better Abbey Medieval Festival in 2013,” Ms Vos said.

The Abbey Medieval Festival Celebrates Today!


The Abbey Medieval Festival (Quietly) Celebrates Today.

Acting Premier Andrew Fraser visited us this morning to announce a bit of a funding boost for the Abbey Medieval Festival event over the next three years.

Well, allright then, it was a significant funding boost!

We are really happy to have this acknowledgement that we are a much-loved family and community event.

We love that we are significantly contributing  economically and culturally to the local community as well as nationally and internationally.

These funds will be used strategically over three years to gorw our visitation from interstate and international markets.  We are also looking forward to launching some fantastic on-line innovations as a result of this grant funding to ensure we continue for many years to come to be the biggest and the best Medieval Festival in the Southern hemisphere.

Thank you Events Queensland!

We were very proud last week to be noted as one of the Must-See QLD Events in 2012 too!

Our preparations are well under way for tne 2012 production of the Abbey Medieval Festival and our ticket sales are about to open on-line on 1st February.

Meanwhile today, in amongst the planning and preparations we took time to have a special cuppa and cake.