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A Short Guide To Medieval Armour

Dressed to Kill- Medieval Armour Here is a short guide to medieval armour so that you can impress your friends at the Abbey Medieval Joust Spectacular with your extensive knowledge on the subject. Mail/maille: You will see lots of this stuff as it was one of the most common forms of armour in the medieval […]


The Pilgrim’s Cofyn – not what you think!

So who wants to volunteer at The Pilgrim’s Cofyn?  And no it is not what you think!! Roles are being allocated for the volunteers for the Jousting Spectacular.  Each role showing itself to be a GREAT opportunity to have some medieval fun with other volunteers and patrons throughout the night. I can just see our ‘Pedlars’ having […]


Jousting spectacular details: reenactment and performers

Jousts and Tournaments Tournaments and jousts were often held as part of the celebrations of important events in the late middle ages and through the renaissance and frequently the terms were interchangeable. These competitions, usually held with blunted weapons, were essentially team events. Whilst individual prowess was noted and rewarded, it was the team rather […]


Abbey Medieval Jousting Spectacular – What you need to know!

We are so excited about our brand new event, the Abbey Medieval Jousting Spectacular! As we mentioned, this is a completely new event and therefore there are a host of frequently asked questions that we’d like to clear up for you, so that you can fully enjoy your evening. Frequently Asked Questions: 1. Will there […]


The easiest way to walk straight into the festival

New systems, no more queues!!!!!!! (No Jokes!) Follow these easy steps; 1. Purchase your entry tickets online. 2. Drive to Caboolture on the 12th or 13th of July (or both, let’s face it you need two days!) 3. Park over the road from the Caboolture Train Station (Council parking area – FREE) 4. Cross the […]


First Medieval Banquet for 2014 a huge success

Were you one of the lucky ones, the ones who dined on countless removes of authentic medieval cuisine? Two nights ago over 300 guests enjoyed the ultimate Medieval Banquet experience, including food, revelry and entertainment. How amazing does this banquet scene look!? The festive atmosphere has been captured perfectly by our wonderful volunteer photographers, a […]


My Banquet Experience

Read this wonderful blog on a guest’s Banquet Experience Last year was my first year at the Abbey Festivals’ Medieval Banquet and WOW! My Husband and I had been anticipating it as I prepared our outfits for the night. We had some preconceptions about how it might be but in no way were we expecting what […]


Plan Your Day: Medieval Masterchefs

Medieval Masterchefs: your personal program! This itinerary is for all the foodies out there. Besides the range of food stalls serving delicious medieval-style treats, there are plenty of food-themed displays, workshops and talks throughout the weekend. Here are a few to whet your appetite… Please note that there are many, many more displays, workshops and […]