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Tips and Tricks when planning for the Abbey Medieval Festival!   Ticket sales close on Thursday 6th at midnight!  If you’re not in by then, prepare to line up at the gate! If you are using a GPS to get to the Festival, use Abbey Medieval Festival as your destination OR Old Toorbul Point Pt […]



Meet the Reenactor Groups 2016 THE COMPANY OF THE PHOENIX company of the Phoenix trains in south Brisbane but has members from all over including Ipswich, north Brisbane and even Rockhampton.” Or something similar?” In 1435-1485, Europe was ravaged by war, plagues and continuous conflict. Men supported their king or Nobility, and embarked on long […]



Meet the Reenactor Groups COMPANIE DRACO ROUTIERS Often made up of disillusioned or exiled nobles, bastards and third sons, army captains aspiring for more fame and those seeking to make a bigger name for themselves, mercenary companies enjoyed a great deal of freedom and mobility, venturing far and wide in search of glory and riches. […]


Knights Order of Lion Rampant

Meet the Reenactor Groups 2016 Knights Order of Lion Rampant The Knights Order of Lion Rampant (KOLR) is a Brisbane-based living history group dedicated to recreating the spectacle and excitement of 14th century high medieval tournament. Formed in the early 1990’s as a Tournament Society with a focus on structured and trained, but not choreographed, […]


Kirkby Village

Introducing our brand new 14-15th Century Village; Kirbky!   For the 2016 Abbey Medieval Festival, in coordination with our amazing 14th and 15th Century re-enactment groups, we have embarked on a completely new concept – The Village of Kirkby. Now, instead of viewing the encampments from the outside, you are invited to enter the Village […]


The Templars

Meet the Reenactors 2016 THE TEMPLARS The Templars are a historical re-enactment group based in Brisbane. They portray the military order of the Poor Fellow Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, more commonly known to history as ‘The Templars’. At the Abbey Medieval Festival this year, you’ll find the Templars encampment in the […]



Meet the Reenactors 2016 JANISSARY BARRACKS   Janissary Barracks (‘Yeniҫeri Ocaği’) Historical Re-enactment Group Inc. was formed in 1999 and incorporated in March 2004. This group aims to: Foster an environment in which the members can research, adopt and re-enact medieval Ottoman lifestyles. Provide a common meeting ground for those who are interested in the […]



Meet The Reenactors 2016 RAFNHEIM The Rafnheim group was formed in 2010 after their founder Shane Ravenn left his previous Viking group in search of a new direction. Leaving the well populated Viking Age, he delved further back in time to the era before Viking expansion, but after the fall of the Roman Empire. This […]