Monday 29 June – Friday 3 July 2020

Kids Dig It! Medieval Family Fun Week at the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology

My Lords, my Ladies and gentlefolk all, medieval madness has taken over the Abbey Museum. Join us on an exploration of life in Medieval Europe, through hands on activities and crafts.

Activities include:

  • Archery – in 1252 CE, a law was passed requiring all Englishmen between 15 and 60 years old to own a bow and arrows. In 1363 CE they were obligated to practice every Sunday.
  • Archaeological Dig – excavate for medieval artefacts.
  • Heraldry – create your own family heraldry and paint it onto a shield.
  • Make a poppet – dolls were called poppets in the Middle Ages and could be made of wood or fabric.
  • Page Training – this is the first step to becoming a knight. Do you have what it takes to be a page?
  • Loom and lucet weaving – loom weaving to make tapestries that tell tales; lucet weaving to make cords for many uses.
  • Games – Chess, Nine Men’s Morris, Alquerque, Fox and Geese, and Backgammon.
  • Make a Stained Glass window
  • And More!