Name: “Flash”
Height: 15.2hh
Sex: Gelding
Breeding: Thoroughbred x Quarter horse
Age: 17 years old.
Colour: Flea-bitten Grey with a diamond shaped star
Info: This will be Flash’s ninth Abbey tournament.
He has done many other jousting events, knows his job, lays his ears back down the tilt line & will occasionally have a snap at the other horse on the way past!
Flash loves skill at arms, LOVES melee & if he gets a chance, he will rub his head on an opposing rider & tries to knock them off.
Flash has competed in Hunter Trials, dressage, trained to Medium level dressage & got to 2m jumping. Character – VERY mischievous, thinks everything is hilarious & a game. He is a real rogue, and well suits his name – in Cockney slang – Flash means a fast talker!


Name: “Strider”
Height: 16hh
Sex: Gelding
Breeding: Emirates Park Thoroughbred
Age: 20 years old (don’t let his age fool you – this fellow is fit, strong and loves his job!)
Colour: Bay with a stripe
Info: Strider is a Stoic and reliable horse, he’s a kind of an emo kid, who loves the ladies, but they don’t always love him back!! Strider does love RUNNING. He LOVES running in a straight line, so jousting is HEAPS of fun!!! He also loves looking after his riders at Moonlit Manor horse riding, teaching them the elements of equitation as well as medieval horsemanship and games.


Name: “Dante” “Wyndyarra Dante”.
Height: 15.3hh
Sex: Gelding
Breeding: Percheron x Andalusian known as a “Spanish Norman”
Age: 14
Colour: Grey

His motto is “Quid facitis eam bonam” Whatever you do, make it look good.
Dante first took the tilt field right here at the Abbey in 2005 and proved his mettle as a courageous and fearsome opponent. Following several successful tournaments in Australia he broke his shoulder on the Fenris the “Mighty Black Stallion” and was retired from the tilt with an ambiguous prognosis. He recovered his jubilance in 2010 taking this field under French jousters “Lady Marie” and “Sir Luc”.
In 2013 at the Abbey Joust, Dante had something to prove. Carrying his Lady Talisien upon his back he took his mistress on her final joust -Facing all opponents with joy, strength and dedication to the art of war…………..not to mention a fair display of grace under fire.

Dante is the Ferrari of Jousting horses – he is agile, strong and FAST! And is very, very handsome! He is looking forward to the 2014 Joust!


Name: “Merlin”
Height: 15.3hh
Sex: Gelding
Breeding: Quarter horse
Age: 11 years old – though he acts as if he were 4!
Colour: Chestnut with a halfmoon star running into a blaze and bird-catcher spots.
Info: The beloved mount of Sir Bryan. This will be Merlins Third Joust at the Abbey.
Merlin loves a cold beer and apple cider…. When not training for the Joust, Merlin and Sir Bryan indulge in classical dressage, Napoleonic re-enactment and working equitation.


Name: “Teliah”
Height: 15.2hh
Sex: Mare
Breeding: Clydesdale x stock horse
Colour: Bright bay with a star and small joined stripe
Age: 11
Info: Teliah is pretty mare & she knows it! Leader of the herd at Moonlight Manor Horseriding, she also takes her food VERY seriously!! She is becoming quite brave in her Joust duties but at heart she is happiest being her owner Shanks “favourite” girl.


Name: “Rock”
Height: 16.2hh,
Sex: Gelding
Breeding: TB gelding
Age: 9 years old
Colour: Bay
Info: He has his moments when he is definitely The Rock (of WWF fame) and he is often called Dwayne when he’s being a sook – which makes sense if you know the Rock, the actor. Rock is both solid & precious at the same time! He tries his heart out for his rider and when not participating in Re-enactment activities, Rock teaches people how to ride at Moonlight Manor Horse riding and is owned by Katie Costello of NVG Rusland.


Name: “Sergeant” (Sergeant said NO to a photo… we didn’t argue)
Height: 51.1hh
Sex: Gelding
Breeding: QH x Stock horse
Age: 12 years old
Colour: Dark bay – a very mysterious dark bay… with no white at all, perfect for night raids!
Info: Sergeant is new to Jousting, and this will be his first Abbey Joust! Sergeant Lives and works at Moonlight Manor Horse riding. He has lots of go! So he will be a fast one to watch down the lists!!!


Name: “Femke”
Sex: Mare
Age: one never asks a Lady her age!
Breeding: Friesian warmblood
Colour: Black
Info: This will be Femkes first time at the Abbey Joust, and no doubt she will steal the show with her fabulous good looks and grace.
Femke is very new to Jousting but is a wonderful, interactive horse for her owner and jouster – Sarah Hay.


Name: “Apollo”
Height: 15.3 hh
Sex: Gelding
Breeding: Appalosa
Age: we didn’t ask and he will not tell – but he is very, very wise!
Colour: Black with a dusting of white spots
Info: Apollo is the trusted Joust partner in the lists with his owner and Jouster – Sarah Hay. Apollo has Jousted at the abbey before – in a time before the new grounds and generous grandstands! So we are hoping this gentleman will give the nod of approval to the new Joust lists! New Jouster to the Abbey – Alison Habsburg – will be riding this jousting school master in the lists – a very dangerous combination for their opponents!
Sarah says of her horse “Trusted friend. Grumpy old bugger”.


Name: “Conquest”
Height: 15.3 hh
Sex: Gelding
Breeding: Percheron x Stockhorse
Age: 5
Colour: Dark Bay with the smallest of stars
Info: This will be Conquests first Abbey joust (if he is lucky)… he may be young and green, but he has jousting in his blood! His sire is the mighty stallion Fenris (owned and ridden by Talisien, both of whom are well known at the Abbey).
Conquest took part in the opening parade last year and found that a bit exciting, so this year he is hoping to make it into the list and is the last resort “back up” joust horse. It will take a courageous knight to guide this young tank down the lists!
Conquest is learning to be a good all-rounder – he likes dressage and mounted games, trail riding and hassling his paddock buddy, Griffon, for a game. He will do anything for food and his quests for sustenance have led him on many an adventure! Conquest also lives just outside of Abbeystowe and may be seen being ridden in the area.