Karvan-Saray re-enacts 15th Century Syrian life,especially in and around Damascus. We offer an insight into the family life pin and around Damascus, one of the major stops of the Silk Road.

Workshops which will be conducted which will provide an experience for the public. These include henna art, village dancing, drumming, turban tying, beaded oracles and Beauty tips from the past lectures.

Janissary Barracks

The Janissary Barracks was established in 1999 for the purpose of researching, studying, demonstrating and teaching the life style of the 15th Century Ottoman Empire.

The Ottoman Empire was established in late 14th Century by the Turks in Anatolia and within couple of hundred years it became on of the biggest and mightiest empires in the world. One of the reason for the success was the establishment of the highly disciplined permanent army called Yeniceri (Yeh-knee-chery) or Janissary in English.

The Janissaries were soldiers who were recruited from Christian families at the early age. Until early 19th Century, they were the main military unit in the Ottoman Empire. The Janissary Barracks bring you many aspects of the Turkish oriental life style from Famous Turkish oil wrestling to Turkish archery, cooking, music, dance and hand crafts.