Lost skills

Order of Artisans and Kindred Spirits

Have you ever wondered how trades and skills are passed on?

Order of Artisans and Kindred Spirits (OAKS for short) is a group of craftspeople who choose to research and recreate the arts of the 14th century. Based in Flanders, this group presents items of interest and skill which are hand made and purpose driven.

‘We have sewers, leatherworkers, a blacksmith, a scientist, an artist or two and several jack of all trades and we welcome interest from all age groups and skill levels and we are always interested in sharing our skills.”
Notable for our Lurcher who re-enacts a lifelike hound dog without any effort at all! Clever dog!

History of the Templars

The year ‘The Templars’ re-enact is 1229. With the re-establishment of Jerusalem as a Christian holding, pilgrims have again begun to arrive in great numbers requiring the Holy Orders to devote greater resources to their protection.

‘The Templars’ are an invitation only historical re-enactment group which represents the Templar Knights, Sergeants and Clergy who were assigned the task of escorting pilgrims from the coast to Jerusalem and the Holy sites in the Jordan Valley, as well as the nobles and wealthy merchants who sought their protection. These knights were based at Chateau Pelerin, just south of Haifa in the Holy Land.

The encampment represents the daily life of Templars away from their permanent base. The camp activities reflect the tasks, duties and devotions of Templar Knights engaged in the protection of pilgrims and bound by “The Rule of the Temple”.