Prima Spada School of Fence

Prima Spada is an historical fencing school specialising in rapier of the Elizabethan period.

We train people from absolute beginners in a variety of 16th century weapon codes including rapier, sword, sword and buckler, 2 handed sword, rapier and dagger and rapier and cape.

We also train in classical foil, sabre and competitive rapier and sword work. Using a well developed syllabus with qualified instructors, Prima Spada offers fencing tuition from the 16th century through to the modern era in exhibition and sport fencing with a recreational approach.

Women in History

Women in History is a group of passionate women re-enacters who specifically want to bring life the contribution of women throughout history.

We have chosen to re-enact women that we can display individually and as a group from many European countries, their political influences, careers and social classes from time lines between 600-1600AD.

We have a programme running through each day with presentations and workshops on the women we represent – some saints and some sinners that will be both interesting and inspiring.