Prima Spada School of Fence

See fencing at the Abbey Medieval Festival

Prima Spada School of Fence, Abbey Medieval Festival

Prima Spada is an historical fencing school specialising in rapier of the Elizabethan period.

We train people from absolute beginners in a variety of 16th century weapon codes including rapier, sword, sword and buckler, 2 handed sword, rapier and dagger and rapier and cape.

We also train in classical foil, sabre and competitive rapier and sword work. Using a well developed syllabus with qualified instructors, Prima Spada offers fencing tuition from the 16th century through to the modern era in exhibition and sport fencing with a recreational approach.


Women in History
Women in History is a group of passionate women re-enacters who specifically want to bring life the contribution of women throughout history.

We have chosen to re-enact women that we can display individually and as a group from many European countries, their political influences, careers and social classes from time lines between 600-1600AD.

We have a programme running through each day with presentations and workshops on the women we represent – some saints and some sinners that will be both interesting and inspiring.


Fianna is a Brisbane based living history organisation. Our goal is to accurately recreate the day to day life, possessions and material culture of the Gaelic peoples of western Ireland during the early 16th century.

The group brings to life an encampment and the day to day activities of an Irish Chieftain, his household servants and his hired body guards known as ‘Gallowglass’. Using the early 16th century as a context the Fianna is able to re-enact and bring to life aspects of a very distinct and unique culture that often goes’ unheard of in modern interpretations and accounts of Irish history.

Fianna appeals to anyone with a sense of pride in or an interest in Celtic history and culture. The group is family friendly, entertaining and we are proud to be part of the 2014 Abbey Medieval Festival.

Visit our website at or send us an email at for more information!