Shuvani Romani Kumpania

The Shuvani Kumpania is a tribute group re-enacting the possible lifestyle of the ancestors of the Romani (Gypsy) people in the late middle ages.

For further information on Shuvani Romani Kumpania, contact Margaret Cunningham on 0422 832765 or visit


Society of Sail

Society of Sail is a multiperiod focused group portraying life and culture associated with the sea throughout history. At Abbey Medieval Festival, we focus on the lives of merchants and mercenaries about the port city of Genoa between 1400 and 1450.

Group displays include cooking, camping, combat, archery, manuscript preparation and illumination, music and the arts.


Das Törichte Leben

Das Törichte Leben is a late-medieval living history group based in Brisbane Australia, where individuals endeavour to re-enact daily life in the Swiss Cantons circa 1477. Das Törichte Leben takes its name from a band of discontented free citizens and country-folk from the Canton of Zug who gave mercenary service during the Burgundian Wars (1474-77).

Additional citizens from surrounding Cantons joined the band and marched on Geneva to demand payment. This band adopted the name “Das Törichte Leben” which is German for “The Foolish Life”


Company of the Phoenix

The Company of The Phoenix is a medieval living history group based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

The company of the Phoenix recreates the High Medieval Period, as a free Company located somewhere in Europe during the years 1435-1485. the company portrays a wide variety of persona’s ranging from nobility, pilgrims, merchants, Tradesmen, and archers to men at arms, knights, tavern keepers and gunners.

the encampment, clothing, food, Arms and Armour are all meticulously researched tome manuscripts, paintings and Archaeological finds, and display what could have been seen in a 15th century village.

Phoenix members recreate the 15th century way of life and enjoy feasting, dancing, leisurely pursuits, and traveling the tourney circuit.


Order of the Dracul

The Order of the Dracul is a Brisbane based Living History Group focussing on the life and times of Prince Vlad III of Wallachia, better known to history as “Vlad the Impaler”, and whose life and exploits form the basis of Bram Stoker’s fictional character  “Count Dracula”.

The Order is not a “Dracula” fan club nor seeks to glorify his deeds. Rather it seeks instead to separate the man from the myth.



It is 1480 and the Renaissance has germinated in the many Principalities, Dukedoms, Republics and Seigniors of the Italian Peninsula. It is the history of Da Vinci, Botticelli, Ghirlandaio and Mainardi, of great equestrian statues and works of art transcending time. The time of the enlightened despot and the bourgeoisie. The Italians lead the world in the arts and mercantile pursuits.

Peculiar to the Italians is also the massed use of mercenaries in the varied armies of the many-fold city states of the region. These Condottieri were professional and highly skilled soldiers, fighting not for reasons of state or Feudalism but for money.

Condottieri is a Living History group dedicated to bringing the daily lives of these Italian Mercenaries and their families to life. We strive for perfection in re-enactment and enjoyment of our pursuits. Commitment, Family, Research, Enjoyment and Accuracy are our aims.

We fight for Pay, Loyalty to the Highest Bidder! We Are Condottieri!


Reenacting Independently For Fun (RIFF)

RIFF is a group of friends who enjoy reenacting to a high standard while maintaining a level of fun. We faithfully reenact time periods from the ancient world through to the modern era.

At the Abbey Tournament, RIFF will be representing a modest fifteenth century household of drapers and seamstresses attending a fayre in order to sell fabrics and garments. Throughout the day you may see members of the household sewing, embroidering, cooking and playing games to pass the time.


The Scions of Mars

The Scions of Mars Inc is a Brisbane based Living History organization dedicated to the research and reenactment of a military free company of the mid 15th century.

The group concentrates on recreating a small but highly trained number of armed combatants adept at military formation, the use of pike, halberd, long sword and the winning of glory in battle. In addition to displays of military drill and combat the group presents an excellent encampment display of period appropriate weapons, 15th century armour and day to day items.

The group acts in much the same way as the famed free companies of Germany France and Italy in the high middle ages in that ‘we fight for pay’. We exist for profit and personal glory under the standard of our company captain.