Citadel Medieval Society

Citadel’s main time period is that of 14th century Knights, Ladies, Merchants, soldiers and common folk from the port town of La Rochelle,in the Region of Poitou-Charentes.

Citadels time period covers part of the Hundred year war . Starting at The Battle of Crecy (1346), including the Battle of Poitiers (1356), The Naval Battle of La Rochelle (1372) and ending in the late 1300. Citadels members take on the persona of a person that may have lived during these times.

Citadel is a medieval re-enactment group based at Browns Plains in Brisbane, Queensland. The aim of our group is to enjoy what we do and share our common interest with others .Citadel Preforms at History Alive, Abbey and many other various events.

Knights Order of Lion Rampant

Knights Order of Lion Rampant is a Brisbane-based group dedicated to recreating the spectacle and excitement of high medieval tournament.

Since 1991, Lion Rampant has developed an enthusiastic following and an enviable reputation among its international peers. Lion Rampant focuses on the culture of western and central European nobility during the high middle ages. The fashions, arms, armour and accessories used by the group are typical of the closing years of the fourteenth century.

Coming into the Fourteenth Century from a modern perspective can be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. Lion Rampant doesn’t just mimic the Age of Chivalry, we ‘live it’. Armouring, leather working, archery, sewing, metal and wood working, pottery, cooking, performing, medieval martial arts and making friends are all part of Lion Rampant. Our scenarios at shows give the general public a snap shot of the activities taking place in a fourteenth century tournament encampment.

We have a ‘Court of Chivalry’ for those interested in our combat training and tournament performance and a ‘Court of Love’ for those interested in the finer, gentler arts. Both are open to young and old, male and female, although there is an age restriction on minors interested in combat training. Lion Rampant meets each week and is always open to new members and welcome enquiries from those who share our love of medieval history and the culture of chivalry.

The Traditional Archery Companye

The Traditional Archery Companye offers the public the chance to experience shooting a traditional English longbow. After given instruction by a qualified archery instructor, the public have the opportunity to shoot five hand made flu flu arrows at a static target 10 meters away. We have an arrow smith, bowyer and traditional bow making demonstrations within our encampment to make it a true archery experience!

Knights of the Longdog

A group which portrays the 14th century period of 1350-1450 during the reign of King Edward III of England.

Knights of the Longdog are on a noble quest to educate people about the important role Greyhounds played in Medieval times, and about what wonderful pets Greyhounds make. The group represent a new generation of champions – they don’t wear chain mail, joust or win sword fights.

But they’re brave, fearless, and loyal – much like their Hounds.