Cottereaux—Company of the Dagger is a mercenary group that portrays life in a siege mercenary company currently in the employ of Emperor Boniface the III.

The Company was recently involved in the sacking of Constantinople and moves where the pay is best.

The Company is under the command of Baron Ulric de Tracey and boasts a number of knights, squires and men at arms from various nations across Europe and the Holy Land. Siege engines are the specialty of the group.

The Companye of Northumbria

The 12th century, in the decades following the Norman conquest, was a time of significant and important change in England.

The members of the Companye of Northumbria portray merchants and artisans from diverse backgrounds attending the fairs and markets of Northumbria during this defining period. They aim to recreate as accurately as possible the people and trades of this era. In their encampment, you will be introduced to the lives and crafts of ordinary people living in extraordinary times.

Knights Guild of Wessex and Mercia

The Knights Guild of Wessex and Mercia is an organisation which caters for many different people from different backgrounds and with different skills and interests, but bound together by the investigation and presentation of life in medieval England.

The range of activities includes cooking, music and dance, games, archery, military arts, calligraphy, heraldry, religious, legal and social history—and much more according to individual members’ interests.

The Knights Guild concentrates on aspects of life in late twelfth century England as a time of great change and development. We combine research and learning with sharing our knowledge and enjoyment—of what we are doing and of each other’s company.

Membership is open to anyone who is willing to subscribe to the Guild’s aims and program. Ordinary members must be at least 16 of age, but voting members in an incorporated organisation must by law be at least 18 years old.

Members participate in workshops, seminars and social events. Many develop their own interests which they research and present to the Guild membership.

We seek invitations to perform. These may come from:

  • Schools doing a medieval theme
  • Medieval fairs, in particular the Abbey annual tournament
  • Parties, weddings, displays and celebrations.

However there must be a medieval learning component in events that we participate in.

The Guild “season” is roughly between March and October as during the summer months it is simply too hot to be dressed up. Some activities continue all year round.

Companie of Knights Bachelor

The Companie of Knights Bachelor, formed in 1989, is one of Queensland’s oldest re-enactment groups, portraying the culture, lifestyle and combat of the late 12th century in the Middle East, known then as the Holy Land or Outremer. The Companie re-creates the era of the 3rd Crusade, the time of Richard the Lionheart and Saladin, of brave knights and beautiful ladies, with the excitement of a medieval tournament, using real weapons and the clothing of the time. They also aim to give the public a glimpse of the sights, sounds and smells of day-to-day life in a 12th century encampment, and demonstrate arts and crafts of the era, such as cooking, music, spinning, calligraphy and medicine.

Companie members enjoy learning new skills and involving the public in their displays. New members are always welcome.

Black Wolf

Blackwolf is a 12th/13th century Crusader group traversing caravan routes, using their swords to castigate the Heathen and because supplies from overseas failed to arrive when needed or if at all, traded in the guise of a Bedouin caravan in all manner of goods and disposing of goods purloined from the heathen peoples. Blackwolf are French, Anglish, Scottish, Finnish, Armenian, Christian Arab, fighting men and women from the plains of the Danube, the Magyars and Kipchak; any who would join them in God’s work.

The encampment is a mixture of a Warrior and Merchant bric-a-brac, having the finest merchandise at a bargain price – just for you. The encampment is not a static display, but a humming snapshot of life. Horse and camel harness being overhauled and weapons and camp accoutrements displayed, a variety of diverse foods being prepared as a beast turns slowly on a spit leaking its juices to sizzle into the fire.

Hear the rise and fall of voices bartering for best advantage over fine linen and the best silks, chairs, chests and fine china, the perfumed allure of a passing wench with flirting eyes and tempting swaying hips, the swaggering physique of a cocky buck whose eyes follow her, a clamour of humanity. Should an article catch your eye, NEVER pay the asking price!

You must barter. Speak of your starving children, the failed crops and beg a fair price till you receive one. But there’s also the armed combat for men and women with the taste for the clash and ring of steel. Enjoy the grunt of combat, a blow taken, and later an opportunity to discuss the battle. Everyone is welcome in the camp of the Blackwolf. Ask what you will, we welcome you.