Festival visitors love the experience of stepping back in time – the colourful banners, the pageantry, the sound of clashing sword on steel and the smells of game roasting over open fires.  It is this experience and the symbiotic authenticity that is crafted into it, is what makes the Abbey Tournament so great.

So much to see, so little time!

Getting organised and planning your limited and precious time over the day(s) of your attendance will ensure that your experience is the best it can be.

Abbeystowe  (our festival site) is strategically presented to enhance your visitor experience but also to best represent the Medieval period and the cultural diversity that existed between the 6-16th Centuries.  We hope the following information will assist you in choosing the program feature that appeals most to you.

The Key tournaments

There are four different types of tournaments around the site:

  • The Joust
  • The Archery Tournament
  • The Tournament of Strength and Skill
  • Turkish Oil Wrestling Tournament

The Key Areas

Please note the different areas that you will find these activities taking place:

  • The Castle Arena
  • The Joust Arena
  • The Commons
  • The Village Green
  • The University Pavillon
  • The Pageant Wagon

The Key Re-enactments

Re-enactment groups will represent the following eras in the Middle Ages from 6-16th Centuries. More information will be available on the program once it is finalised.

Regardless of whether you are here to simply have a look around and try some food, to wear a great medieval costumes, to hang out with the family, to learn something about history or to immerse yourself fully in your experience and lose yourself to your historical origins, the Abbey Medieval Festival has something for you.