Michael Connell performs for children

Music, dance, jesters, puppetry—the Middle Ages provides a wealth of inspiration for entertainment. Street theatre performers at the Abbey Medieval Festival contribute to the program and the overall ambiance of the Festival.

The Festival covers 1,000 years of history; we look for performers to help us showcase music, dance, theatre and performance of the medieval era. This includes:

  • musicians
  • troubadours
  • jesters
  • acrobats
  • puppeteers
  • theatre
  • dance

The Abbey Medieval Festival strives for historical accuracy, therefore street theatre performers need to meet standards set by the Festival coordinating committee. Contact our Street Theatre Coordinator for information on these standards.

Applications for the 2020 Abbey Medieval Festival will be opening later in the year. However, if you are particularly keen on getting involved in the event as a performer, please submit an expression of interest.