The 2013 Abbey Medieval Festival saw the debut of the Abbey Medieval House Troupe; these resident players of Abbeystowe will be returning in 2017 and we are looking to cast new volunteers.

The Festival covers the Medieval period from 600 – 1600AD. Performances developed for the Abbey Medieval House Troupe draws inspiration from the variety of theatre genres included in this 1000 year time period.

Members of the House Troupe have the unique opportunity to collaboratively create and perform short pieces at the Festival events including:
• Short cycle plays
• Storytelling
• Staged scenes
• Commedia dell’arte
• Wandering characters including black plague doctor, plague victims and lepers.

The Abbey Medieval House Troupe Coordinator is on hand for support, workshops and rehearsals leading up to the Festival.

So, whether you are an experienced performer, drama student, community theatre actor or even a medieval enthusiast with a flair for the dramatics, we would love to hear from you!

For information regarding our House Troupe, please refer to the House Troupe Information Guide .

Please feel free to register your interest by filling out our House Troupe Application Form or contact the House Troupe Coordinator with any queries.