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Plan your Saturday at the Abbey Medieval Festival. With 6 primary performing venues including the Friar’s Folly Tavern, 3 venues specifically for our Tournaments and the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology and Church, there is plenty to see and do!

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Viking boat burning

Fafnir, the Viking boat of The Norviks has been a feature on the grounds of Abbeystowe for many years.

Passionately constructed using authentic Viking building techniques by Visti Skaanvad, better known as ‘Visti the Viking’, Fafnir has been broken down by the elements of nature and deteriorated far from it’s once prime condition.  The boat is painted with tar paint, so a safe burning replica has been built to burn in it’s honour.  The bow carving and name plaque will be removed and held by Visti’s family, and the hull of Visti’s creation will be buried where it lies and numerous gravestones will mark its place.

There is no better time to honour the efforts of Visti the Viking and the enjoyment Fafnir has brought visitors of Abbeystowe than the 30th anniversary of the Abbey Medieval Festival.

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Abbeystowe Lake is not accessible for patrons throughout the Festival weekend, but access will be open for the burning from 4:30pm on Saturday 13 July. The burning of the Viking boat in honour of Fafnir will start from 4:45pm.

A token or ticket is not required for the burning; however it is standing room only which may impact on patron’s view.

Fafnir the Viking boat