Patrons feasting at the Medieval Banquet

Enjoy an immersive evening of entertainment, mouth-watering delights and an enchanting atmosphere at the Abbey Medieval Banquets.

This popular event is hosted at St Michael’s College on Saturday 29 June and Saturday 6 July 2019, and heralds the beginning of the Abbey Medieval Festival. Doors to the banquet hall open at 5:45pm, patrons are asked to be seated by 6:15pm for the procession of the High Table.

The Abbey Medieval Banquet is an experience not to be missed.

A feast for the senses

Medieval Banquet Entertainment

The evening of authentic medieval food and entertainment begins with the traditional ritual of hand washing with scented rosewater. Our Lord Steward will guide you through the manners and customs of medieval banquet dining, while our friendly volunteer servers deliver heavenly dishes of medieval food to share.

Under the protection Staraya Ladoga, the guard of our banquet hall, spend the night feasting, drinking and being merry while our dancers, jesters and musicians take you on an adventure into history.

Banquet menu

Following the ceremony of the High Table, the first of 2 removes is served. A remove, or course, consists of several dishes both savoury and sweet. The dishes are placed on platters in the centre of the table and shared between guests. The final course of the evening is called an issue and consists of dried and fresh fruit, nuts and cheese.

View the menu for the 2019 Abbey Medieval Banquet

A wide variety of medieval beverages will be available to purchase at the Banquet Bar. For the more adventurous there are boutiques ales, ciders and mead, non-alcoholic drinks are also available. Please note the event is not BYO.

Attending in costume

Although costuming is optional, we encourage Medieval Banquet patrons to don medieval costumes to get into the spirit of the event. Check out the costuming information we’ve prepared to help get you started.

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