Will I get to see the jousting?

Entry to the Joust is by ticket purchase only.  The booth for tokens is located next to the Information Booth, just as you enter the Festival gates. Jousting tickets are available online, to help save you some time while you are at the Festival.  There are four jousts each day and tokens can only be purchased for one day. There are a limited number of seats available, so once these are filled, that joust is closed to the public. Two gold coins ($4) buy you a seat in the grandstands with other noble guests.

Do you have credit card facilities?

Credit Card facilities for ticket purchase are available at the Festival’s Tournament gates.  Cash out is also available from the eftpos booths located just inside the gates.

Is there disabled access?

The Tournament ground is relatively flat, but currently walkways will only be gravel or grass.  There is a drop-off point for elderly or disabled people about 70 metres from the Festival entrance.

With all those swords, is the festival safe?

Of course! The Festival organisers do their best to ensure your safety.  All official events are designed for the safety of the public.  Stallholders are not allowed to sell unpackaged weapons.  All our re-enactors undergo rigorous training before being allowed to carry weapons.

I have an awesome sabre/axe/spear and I want to bring it, can I?

Please read the Conditions of Entry before bringing weapons to the Festival.  Please observe the venue barriers for your own safety.  We have a non-performer weapons permit available here.  If you have any questions, the Emergency and Risk Manager will answer any questions you have.

Is First Aid available on site?

St John Ambulance is on location during the day at Abbeystowe.

What happens to lost children?

The Tournament is such a safe family event that parents often misplace their children.  Lost children will be sent to the First Aid tent.  Please help us make your day anxiety-free by writing your mobile phone number on your child’s wrist band.

I know they didn’t have toilets in the Middle Ages, will you have them anyway?

There are just some things we can’t do without in the twenty-first century.  Toilet facilities are available around the Tournament grounds and in the car park for those trips that must be made.  There are also disabled toilet facilities.

Can I purchase alcohol?

It just wouldn’t be a Medieval Festival without mead or cider!  There are two licensed venues in Abbeystowe: the Friar’s Folly Tavern and the Stag Inn – where you can find beer, mead, cider and wine.   Please note: No BYO.

Will there be food available?

Oh yes!  We have a wide range of tasty food and drinks for purchase, in Abbeystowe.  So you can try something different, or you are welcome to bring your own feast.  Please note: No Glass.

Will there be somewhere to sit?

While there is seating scattered around Abbeystowe, we would advise bringing either folding chairs or blankets.

Can I bring my Viking Chihuahua/Ottoman Llama?

Sorry, the public are NOT permitted to bring dogs or other animals to the Tournament (except service animals, such as disability assistance dogs and police dogs).

Will there be Free parking?

Free parking is available.  There is an easy walk of about 250 metres (depending on available parking spaces) to the Tournament grounds. The Wamuran Rural Fire brigade will be parking cars over the weekend. Please support them with a gold coin donation.