Abbey Medieval Tournament  July 14-15

We are looking forward to July and presenting the largest Medieval Festival in Australia. Our program is nearly complete, we are ready to let the whole of Australia know what a fantastic event we have here in Caboolture.

The dates for the Tournament, the highlight event of the festival are Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th of July 2018. Tickets go on sale mid March 2018, take advantage of early bird prices until 30th of April. Gates open at 9.00am both days (8.30am for pre-paid ticket purchasers).

Tournament Eve

On the Friday evening before the Tournament begins, Company of the Radiant Heart invites you to witness the spine-tingling Knighting Ceremony held in the beautiful Abbey Church at 7.00pm.  Amid ancient stained glass and candlelight, an authentic 14th Century knighting ceremony will be performed, with all its mystery and splendour.  This is a photographic feast not to be missed.

Tournament Weekend

On Saturday, the gates open at 9.00am to Abbeystowe, the home of the Abbey Medieval Festival.

Each day begins with the Grand Parade, the opening ceremony of the 29th Abbey Medieval Tournament.  Witness more than 500 knights, warriors, ladies and their retainers present themselves to the crowd as the magnificent Master of Ceremonies, Blair Martin summons the knights to take part in chivalrous combat for honour and courage.

Throughout the weekend, the Tournament program offers a wide range of entertainment.  There is something on the program for everyone, from Historical Combats to Medieval dance, Turkish Oil Wrestling to music and fabulous street performers and much more!

There are more than sixty stalls covering a huge range of products, arts and crafts in Australia’s most authentic medieval market.  You’ll also experience delicious medieval food and drink.  Try an authentic venison pie at the “Stag Inn”, or ale or cider at the The Friar’s Folly Tavern.

Historical Combat

The most popular aspect of the tournament weekend are the historical fighting displays.  Our armoured combats feature different fighting styles, tourneys, melees and individual combats, including Viking, Dark Age, High Middle Ages and Byzantine warriors, German Landsknechts (mercenaries), Turkish Janissaries and exquisite renaissance swordsmen.

The Jousting Championships

Another very popular aspect of the Tournament weekend, the Joust has again been ticketed to allow you, our noble patrons, an opportunity to witness the thrill of the Joust in safety without being trampled by peasants underfoot.  There will be four jousting events each day to enable as many people as possible to see it.  Four gold coins will purchase you a place in the grandstands with other noble guests.  You can purchase tickets for the jousting online to ensure you don’t waste time in queues on the day of the event.  Once the allotted number of places are filled that joust will be closed to the public. We have eight amazing jousters this year, and you can read each of their profiles here.

Medieval Music & Bands

Listen to the haunting timeless melodies from some of Australia’s leading medieval bands, such as Wayward, Praxis, Jabadaw and other glorious songsters.  On your travels around Abbeystowe you will see harpists, lutenists and other musicians strolling about entertaining the crowds.


Not only do we have a number of dance displays, we also have dance workshops, where members of the public can get in on the fun. At the Village Green we offer the public a chance to put their dancing shoes on and get in the lime light during Gratia Sancta Lucia’s Medieval Dance Workshop where you’ll learn some popular medieval dances.

Turkish Oil Wrestling

Ladies and noble women flock to see the delicious sight of oiled and bronzed bodies engaging in the ancient medieval sport of Turkish Oil Wrestling.  Make sure you get yourself a place early to see the action.


The Archery competition on in the Castle Arena is a prestigious event for skilled archers from Reenactment groups only to compete for the title of the Abbey Tournament Archery Champion.

For those who are not so practiced at the art of firing an arrow, or just want to give archery a go, The Traditional Archery Companye provides a space for members of the public who wish to pick up a bow and arrow, and try their hand at hitting the target.

Street Performers

There is fascinating medieval theatre and games, including jugglers, puppetry and costume parades for your entertainment all day long.


The Abbey Medieval Tournament will conclude on a lighter note, as the many Historical Re-enactment groups come together for the Grand Finale.