June 29th Banquet Tickets


Tickets to the 2019 Abbey Medieval Banquets are sold out!

Event details

The Abbey Medieval Banquet is hosted on Saturday 29 June and Saturday 6 July at St Michael’s College, Caboolture.

Parking is available on site, simply follow the signage as you approach the school.

Doors to the Abbey Medieval Banquet open at 5:45pm. We ask all guests to please arrive and be seated by 6:15pm for the banquet’s opening procession.

Please see our volunteers upon arrival, they will be seated outside the Banquet Hall to check you in. The name on the door list will be the person who purchased the tickets. You will receive a name card with your seat number, this is also your free mulled wine token (your free drink will be served to you at your table).

Review the banquet seating layout.

Feasting and entertainment

The Medieval Banquet menu consists of 2 removes (or courses), each consisting of several dishes, plus a final course called an ‘issue’.

Patrons can note dietary requirements when purchasing their ticket.

The Medieval Banquets are licensed. Wine, beer, cider and mead will be available for purchase. Please note: this is not a BYO event.

The Steward of the Hall will guide patrons through the evening of feasting and entertainment, including music, pageantry and dance.

Learn about the medieval experience that awaits patrons of the Medieval Banquets, including the menu, manners and customs, and entertainment.