Support the Abbey Museum!

The current COVID-19 pandemic has had a major effect on the Abbey Museum of Art & Archaeology.

Bringing people together in celebration of the fascinating moments in human history is at the core of our daily operation.

The Abbey Museum’s calendar of events have served as the main fundraiser to house and preserve an incredible collection of important human artefacts, antiquities, and stained glass since its inception in 1986. 

At the heart of the museum’s event focus is the Abbey Medieval Festival, an awe-inspiring transformation of time into the Middle Ages.  Tournament, pageantry, food and entertainment is brought to life in highly anticipated weekend each July.  We celebrated our 30th year of the festival in 2019, and welcomed over 30,000 attendees. 

Additionally, we provide hands-on school education programs comprised of archaeological digs, a knights and chivalry education program, Egyptian mummifications, heritage trail tours, and more.  We deliver these unique specialty programs to over 6,000 primary and secondary students each year.

We are a small workforce, heavily reliant on volunteer services.

At this point, all events and programs through July have been cancelled, with a vast level of uncertainty for the back half of the year.

We are unsure of how long we will face these challenges, but are optimistic that by carrying out our best efforts to support one another, we will weather this storm, ride through these difficult times, and rise again.

This is merely another chapter we must all endure.  How we respond now will shape our future.  Let us learn from the past, adapt for the now, and thrive once again!

We are so grateful for your support, and hope to continue to deliver the enriching colour and passion of our human journey.

Ad astra per aspera

Through adversity to the stars.



A Crusader’s Journey

Take ‘A CRUSADER’S JOURNEY’ with us, as we come together in support of those affected by the ongoing bushfires! Please help us sell all tickets so we can DONATE ALL WE CAN!

 Tickets Available now on Eventbrite! Click here!

This will be a night to remember as you become immersed in your journey along the Crusaders route delighting your taste buds with flavours from exotic lands.

Let your eyes feast on colourful characters from times long past as you step back in time.

This delightful evening is our crusade to raise funds to support those affected by the devastating bush fires and 100% of the profits will be donated.