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All those last little things you might need to know about for this weekend! If your using a GPS to get to the Festival, use Abbey Medieval Festival as your destination OR Old Toorbul Point Pt Caboolture – this is where is car park entrance is. In the Sponsors Village before you enter the Festival, […]

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Medieval to Modern Transportation

Medieval to Modern Transportation – the Industrial Revolution and Beyond While today we travel at great speed covering vast cross-country, or cross-continent distances within hours via plane, train, or automobile, Medieval peoples travelled far slower covering far less of a distance and none could have dreamt of the dawn of modern transportation experienced eons after […]

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Kids In Crowds

The Abbey Medieval Festival is Australia’s largest and most popular Festival of its kind. Whilst this in itself is an amazing accomplishment, it can also be a HUGE worry on the minds of parents and carers. Being parents ourselves, we know that losing your child ANYWHERE is a parents worst nightmare. The Festival has procedures in […]

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Meet the Reenactor Groups 2016 KARVAN-SARAY INC. Karvan-saray Incorporated (once known as the Kazuri Tribe) is a medieval re-enactment group who re-enact life in a caravansarai (camel inn) on the Silk Road during the late 15th Century. As traders moved along the Silk Road, they needed somewhere to stay. This meant that the caravansarai was […]

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New England Medieval Arts Society

Meet the Reenactor Groups 2016 NEW ENGLAND MEDIEVAL ARTS SOCIETY (NEMAS) The New England Medieval Arts Society celebrates an amazing Thirty Years of Existence this year! To celebrate, NEMAS partied hard at the Armidale Pine Forest with The Easter Gathering 2016. Folk travel from far afield as Perth, New Zealand Melbourne and Townsville and everywhere […]

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The Templars

Meet the Reenactors 2016 THE TEMPLARS The Templars are a historical re-enactment group based in Brisbane. They portray the military order of the Poor Fellow Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, more commonly known to history as ‘The Templars’. At the Abbey Medieval Festival this year, you’ll find the Templars encampment in the […]

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Medieval Fires

Great Fires of the Medieval Period Great fires have ravaged the earth throughout recorded history, from the days of the Romans, through the Medieval Period and into modern times. These days we recognise the importance of fire safety precautions and install smoke alarms in commercial buildings and homes to protect people, property and contents (amongst other […]

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Meet the Reenactors 2016 JANISSARY BARRACKS Janissary Barracks (‘Yeniҫeri Ocaği’) Historical Re-enactment Group Inc. was formed in 1999 and incorporated in March 2004. This group aims to: Foster an environment in which the members can research, adopt and re-enact medieval Ottoman lifestyles. Provide a common meeting ground for those who are interested in the history […]