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Abbey Museum Shoppe

Abbey Museum Shoppe at the festival Where at the Abbey Medieval Festival can you find mini trebuchets?  How about  beautiful Turkish decorated ceramics or medieval games?  Authentic medieval jewellery, scarves, figurines, carved wooden boxes, small silver jewellery caskets and a myriad of other enticing items?  All at the Abbey Museum Shoppe of course!     […]


Sponsor Blog: ERMS Group taking care of your safety

A Perilous Period for Personal Safety Part 3/3 By Leslie Zeder Hygiene and personal care: surprising Information on Medieval Period The widely-held belief that cleanliness and hygiene was of no concern to medieval people is not quite true. Though unsanitary living conditions contributing to disease often originated from lack of plumbing which meant human waste […]

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Sponsor Blog: ERMS Group managing health and safety at our festival

A Perilous Period for Personal Safety Part 2/3 by Leslie Zeder #5 Childbirth & Life Expectancy – Safety during childbirth was very perilous during the Medieval Period. What we would now class as risky or unsafe birthing, in medieval times people simply didn’t know and a difficult labour could last several days. Some expectant mothers eventually succumbed to […]

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Sponsor Blog: ERMS Group – keeping you safe at our festival

A Perilous Period for Personal Safety Part 1/3 by Leslie Zeder Unlike the innumerable protocols, laws, rules and regulations and standard practices revolving around ‘safety’ of all kinds which we follow and practice across the globe today, by and large, keeping people safe was of little concern to the people of Medieval Europe and Britain. On […]

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Jouster Blog Series – Katherine McWade

Name:  Lady Katherine McWade Motto:  ‘I can, I will, Watch Me!‘ Heraldry:  Lady Katherine’s  symbol of the Phoenix rising from the ashes shows her determination to succeed no matter what obstacles are  before her. She jousts in 14th century armour. Her motto is “I Can, I Will, Watch Me” Career highlights:  During a recent skill at arms […]

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Jouster Blog Series – Lady Elizabeth Brown

Jousters competing at the 2017 Abbey Medieval Festival  Welcome again to our Jouster blog series.  Every week,we feature the wonderful Jousters competing at this year’s festival.  This is a great opportunity for you to get to know our participants,  a little about their background, skill and abilities.  Keep posted!   Name:  Lady Elizabeth Brown   Heraldry: […]