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Medieval Eye for the Modern Guy

How to make your mark at a banquet without leaving a stain! Popular culture has done medieval dining a great disservice. A feast was a communal ritual which was governed by a precise etiquette. Gnawing on steaming haunches of boar and throwing the bones over your shoulder is best left to bad Hollywood movies. A banquet […]

The Medieval Horse

Another guest blog post for your pleasure! Horses were one of the most valued and convenient of commodities in the medieval period.  The real value of a horse in Medieval Times. We take horses for granted in our modern age but to the people of the Middle Ages they were as important as a car […]

Accessories and Bling!

Hello again, readers. Last week’s Dreadful Note of Preparation from Damien, reminded me that while my Project Gorgeous Garment may be nearing completion, my supply of knick-knacks and trinkets was a little sparse?  And even though dressing-up and getting into the spirit of the Abbey Medieval Festival is completely our own experience choice, I began to wonder where […]

Horse Play at the Medieval Carnivale!

What happens after an exciting day of jousting and sword fights have come to an end at The Abbey Tournament? After the Medieval Knights dismount their noble steeds and take off the heavy Steel Armour. The sun is almost gone as the horses are unsaddled and groomed. The horses look to each other and are feeling good in the […]

Birds of Prey at the Abbey

Birds of Prey and Knights go together don’t they? The medieval knight  of popular media is usually dressed in shining armour, upon a fiery steed, jousting and riding off into war and gallant adventure or committing wicked atrocities to the defenceless common folk but not often is he pictured with a hawk on his glove. […]

The big App!

A big hello and welcome back all! In my last blog post, I wrote about how technology has the ability to invaluably connect and reconnect us with our friends and family.  On another occasion, I wrote about other technology used for the festival this year; the Big Scan and our Interstate Competition.  Technology and gadgets have been around for […]

Will My Medieval Dress Fit Me?

The Abbey Medieval Festival is pleased to offer you this Costuming post by our special guest blogger who has a wealth of experience with differing costume and dress styles and fittings when attending Medieval Events. What Medieval Dress Style will suit me? You may think that all medieval women were tall and slender but this […]

The Medieval Carnivale

A  balmy medieval winter’s evening settles So what happens when the sun goes down on a medieval day full of markets, after picking up that great new wooden food bowl that has been carved so beautifully, and all the  furs and loom-woven pieces and the excitement of the tourney with its  elaborate  jousts and battles […]

Abbey Medieval Festival and Channel 9’s The Voice: transformations of a kind!

Hello, my friends, again. I have been asked to  ‘please explain’ and realise that I have been dropping a distinct word in my last few posts, without clarifying it. That word is ‘Transformation’ – not one that we as adults use a lot, but ask any eight year old what a ‘Transformer’ is! So, it’s kind of the same – kind of different! Let me […]

The big Scan…

Your experience …….we take it seriously at the Abbey Medieval Festival. Today, an up-to-the-minute QR-code-scanning experience via a print ad in the national newspapers.  Cutting edge technology, perhaps! In July, join the medieval transformation, where your sword displays the cutting edge!  

NSW and Victoria….Do you read me??

Hello again readers, I left you hanging yesterday, sorry,  but literally, I was mid sentence when I got a call about….. I think I can say it out loud now…. our Competition! Queenslanders! We love you of course, that goes without saying, but we want to share this love. Lets forget about rugby and forget […]