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Dr. Brown goes down!

A very welcome and surprise guest at this year’s Abbey Medieval Festival, was celebrity Dr. Chris Brown.  Showing up on both Saturday and Sunday of the tournament weekend, held at the well known Abbey Museum near Brisbane, Dr. Brown was in search of a medieval experience.  The crowd was given a special treat. A brave and true Knight, Dr. Brown, […]

Calling Actors and Actors-at-Heart.

  Calling all actors and Actors-at Heart of South-East Queensland. Want to Play?  In a Medieval Way of Course! We are creating a wonderful addition to our retinue of fun for all of you at the Abbey Medieval Festival next year. Wandering Theatre Troupes were a highly entertaining and enjoyable part of Medieval Life. Groups […]

Modern Day Knights In Shining Amour

Hold on to your veils ladies, the Australian Jousting Team proved that modern day Chivalry is not dead! Not only did the noble Sir Justin Holland win the Jousting competition at the 2012 Abbey Medieval Tournament,  he and fellow jouster Sir Wayne Rigg, took home the previously unrecognised title of “Ultimate Knights In Shining Armour” […]

C15th Medieval Lingerie Discovered!

A Fabulous Feminine Find ! {Another post from our guest blogger – Kat Woods} When I woke yesterday morning and read a post on my facebook page from a fellow friend, I didn’t think it would be such a monumentious day. Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, you are seeing Medieval Underwear!   Underwear! […]

Splendiferous Stained Glass!

Added bonus to your Abbey Tournament ticket! If  you  are looking  to see  something  out  of the ordinary amongst  all of the  extraordinary  attractions at this year’s  Medieval Festival,  then you should take the time to  take in a guided tour of  wondrous  stained glass collection in The Abbey Church! Located  about ten minutes  away […]

Calling our Abbey volunteers!

WE’VE JUST FINISHED our Kids’ Medieval Fun Day, and our volunteers are dragging off their medieval costumes, and cleaning up Abbeystowe. Everyone is exhausted, but all our volunteers are smiling, feeling really pleased that we have helped build a very special experience for so many children. The feeling of satisfaction you get from volunteering keeps […]

Medieval Bras and Undies.

Our latest guest blogger was wondering whether to start her forthcoming series with the topic of ‘bras and knickers’ or just to jump in with Medieval Sanitary Customs (of the female kind.) Medieval Under-Clothing. Medieval clothing is a topic which is dear to any Lady’s heart, and why not? With such fabulous gowns and sumptuous […]

Food….surviving the test of time!

Life in medieval times was generally hungry.  There’s really no way to hide that.  There was however a big variety of food available and if you are lucky enough to attend the Abbey Medieval Banquet, you will have a chance to sample.  However, depending on your social class, food was either more available or less. […]

Medieval Hounds

This is the final of our guest-blogger Sir Justyn’s series – ‘The Horses, The Hawks and The Hounds.’  Enjoy. The Noble Medieval Hound The third most important animal to nobles of the Middle Ages was the humble hound. So common today are dogs that we can come to neglect their prestige and importance among the […]

Music and Dancing at The Medieval Carnivale

Come and enjoy the Music and Dancing at the Medieval Carnivale! Some of you may have heard the jolly Medieval musicians Praxis delighting the crowds with a mixture of Medieval Instruments including the Recorder, Shawn, Gems Horn and of course the magical Hurdy Gurdy! Bring your dancing shoes to The Medieval Carnivale and join in […]

Medieval Surgery – An Insight

  Medieval Surgery is a featured Workshop at the Abbey Medieval Festival.  For your pleasure and interest we are featuring our latest guest blogger! Medieval Doctor’s Journal by Magister Mathieu medicus Eve of feast day of St Lazarus   One unlucky French squire was struck hard upon his head but fortunately I was  young knights have […]

Food….preserving the body and soul!

I believe that there’s an inner ‘Foodie’ in most of us, and in reality,  food is linked to survival, a basic instinct.  Personally I’m really happy to see that nowadays food is starting to regain the rightful and honoured place it deserves in our lives.  It’s as much about giving our bodies required nourishment (and let’s not undervalue that) […]

Abbey Museum teams up with OurBribie.com.au

The Abbey Museum and the OurBribie.com.au tourism and lifestyle website have joined forces to promote tourism in the region and increase promotion of the award-winning Abbey Medieval Festival. Under the partnership, OurBribie.com.au will promote all Abbey Museum events including the annual Abbey Medieval Festival which attracted 27,000 visitors in 2011. Owner of OurBribie.com.au Tim Pasqualone […]