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The Festival is now on Instagram!

Because the rich visuals are such a huge part of the Festival, we’ve decided it would be fantastic to join the forces of Instagram and the internet to present… *drum roll please*…the Abbey Festival Instagram Feed! The hashtag for this is #AbbeyFestival2013 so hashtag away! Don’t forget to follow @AbbeyFestival on Instagram as well for […]

Capturing The Moments

Our guest blogger is an Abbey Medieval Festival Volunteer Photographer. She writes about her day at the Tournament below. Why I am an Abbey Medieval Festival Volunteer Photographer? Like most visitors to the Abbey Medieval Festival I became entranced from the moment I entered the gate.  As I was greeted with a “my lady” and […]

Wonderful people needed to Volunteer!

  We need your help….HELP HELP HELP! (Did we mention we needed some help??) Thank you to those of you who HAVE registered for this year!!! We currently have about 150 volunteers registered but need another 150 to make the Festival go off!! Please register now if you are planning on helping this year! CLICK […]

Medieval Figure Of The Week

If you follow our twitter , you may have noticed a series of tweets over the past week about Charlemagne, the first Holy Roman Emperor who lived in the Eighth Century. This is a new concept, designed to celebrate the fact that there are only eight weeks left until the 2013 Abbey Medieval Festival. The plan […]

Black Death Resurfaces in London!

There have been a slew of medieval skeletons found across the UK in recent months. The latest finds are Black Death victims uncovered in London during the excavations for the new Crosslink rail at Farringdon. The exact location of the mass grave was previously unknown, and archeologists are uncertain exactly how many skeletons there may […]

To travel back in time.

I seem to be going for a book theme here! Gotta love a good book though. However I digress. Has anyone read ‘The Time Travellers Guide to the 13th Century’ by Ian Mortimer? I think it’s fabulous! It’s written as a travel guide, the same way the Lonely Planet would write one for Paris or […]

Beautiful Ancient Books

There was a fascinating program called ‘The Beauty of Books’ (the Ancient Bibles episode) on SBS a few nights ago, and it was incredible! They were talking about the Codex Sinaiticus which is the oldest Bible in the world, and was written in the fourth century. Fourth century! It’s incredible! It contains the Christian Bible […]

New Benches for Abbeystowe!

We have been busy making improvements to Abbeystowe (the Festival site) for this year and are proud to reveal the new bench seats that have just sprung up across the field! There are 30 new benches in total, each one is 2.4m long and capable of seating between 4-8 people at a time. They have […]

Alfred the Great, Resting in Pieces

Oft revered as ‘the greatest King England ever knew’ and sometimes associated with burnt cakes, King Alfred the Great’s reputation precedes him by a very long way. A learned man, he firmly believed that education and law were essential to leadership and governance, much of which he put into practice by establishing schools and courts. […]

Fun Medieval Facts!

Here’s a collection of fun facts floating around the internet about medieval times! There’s some funny ones, some gruesome and some that are completely left field crazy! Leave us a comment or question and we will have our Medieval History experts help you clarify truth from fiction! To brush one’s teeth, burnt rosemary was placed […]