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Happy Birthday Sir Blair!

There is one voice synonymous with The Abbey Medieval Festival – our Herald, Sir Blair Martin. The man with a magnificent memory, voice and presence, Blair has brought style, panache, grandeur, elegance, flair and his unique presence to the Festival for the last 14 years, and it is in this, his 15th year, we want […]

Plan Your Day: Medieval Masterchefs

Medieval Masterchefs: your personal program! This itinerary is for all the foodies out there. Besides the range of food stalls serving delicious medieval-style treats, there are plenty of food-themed displays, workshops and talks throughout the weekend. Here are a few to whet your appetite… Please note that there are many, many more displays, workshops and […]

Plan Your Day: Families with Teenagers

Whether they like to wander on their own or stick around the parentals, this itinerary should give your teenagers (and you) a few good ideas to keep well fed and entertained throughout the day. Please note that the joust times have been included so you can add one in at whichever time suits you and your […]

Plan Your Day: Families with Primary Age Kids

If your children are between 6-11 years old, you might find this helpful when planning your days out at the festival. Please note that the joust times have been included so you can add one in at whichever time suits you and your family – you don’t have to go to all four each day!  There […]

Plan Your Day: Families with Little Kids

If you have small children between the ages of 0-5 then here are some suggestions of what’s happening at the various encampments that might be suitable. Please note that the joust times have been included so you can add one in at whichever time suits you and your family – you don’t have to go […]

Counting your cards!

Your favourite Heores and Heroines from the  Abbey Medieval Festival can now be a collected as trading cards.  The cards are a big hit, with online orders flowing in. The trading cards which feature heroes like the Knights Templar, Sir Liam Reilly, Alexander de Vos,  Company of the Wolf, Kryal Castle, Sir Blair Martin and […]

Medieval Airport!

Abbey Medieval Festival at Brisbane Airport  The Abbey Medieval Festival has an awesome surprise for you if you are travelling interstate or internationally during the upcoming school holidays! As part of our strategy to expand markets, both within Australia and overseas, from the 1st of June to the first week of July, tickets to the Abbey Medieval […]

Gowns for the Festival!

Between the 10th and 14th centuries women are generally depicted wearing a simple, smooth gown with tapered sleeves and full skirts, and these gowns are great for many different periods. They can be worn on their own with simple accessories to fit in with the 13th century, or can be worn under bliauts, fuller gowns […]

Woodland Walkers and Green Men

We often have people asking us what associations our beautiful woodland walkers have with Medieval history and reenactment, and you might be quite surprised at the reply. They represent a historical (fictional) figure known as the Green Man. If you have never encountered them before, our ‘Green Men’ like to walk gracefully around Abbeystowe during […]

Is Brisbane Airport going “medieval”??

If you are planning a trip via Brisbane Airport next month, keep an eye out for the airport ambassadors – they will be promoting the Abbey Medieval Festival 2013! A crew of BNE airport staff and volunteers will be welcoming and helping passengers going through the International terminal, and we will have a competition running […]

Costumes for our four-legged friends.

Everyone loves cute pet pictures, and as we all love history around here, I’ve combined the two and found the most adorable pictures of pets in costume! First up, His Highness, and the Prince.   His fair Queen, and the Princess. The lady in waiting. Their fearless knights.   The court jester to keep them […]

Guess what this will be?

Visitors to the Abbey Medieval Festival 2013 and Kids Medieval Fun Day will notice a few new additions to the site. A team of handy volunteers have been working hard setting up permanent improvements at Abbeystowe. I wonder if you can guess what this one is?   Hint: It’s somewhere you can watch Gypsies dancing, listen […]

Winter is Coming – and how medieval people dealt with it!

Here in sunny Queensland one could argue that it never gets very cold during winter, so what did those who were in seriously cold winters wear to stay warm and survive? Some might argue that they simply didn’t keep warm! Houses weren’t warm as they are now, as heating wasn’t very effective, and tended to […]