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Jousting spectacular details: reenactment and performers

Jousts and Tournaments Tournaments and jousts were often held as part of the celebrations of important events in the late middle ages and through the renaissance and frequently the terms were interchangeable. These competitions, usually held with blunted weapons, were essentially team events. Whilst individual prowess was noted and rewarded, it was the team rather […]

Abbey Medieval Jousting Spectacular – What you need to know!

We are so excited about our brand new event, the Abbey Medieval Jousting Spectacular! As we mentioned, this is a completely new event and therefore there are a host of frequently asked questions that we’d like to clear up for you, so that you can fully enjoy your evening. Frequently Asked Questions: 1. Will there […]

A Wayward Sound

A Wayward Sound   For more than a dozen years the characteristic sound of Wayward’s hurdy gurdy and medieval pipes has been part of the Abbey Medieval Festival. The name of the band relates to the portrayal of the wandering musicians of the Middle Ages. Often referred to as “Jongleurs”, these musicians would travel the […]

Gurning – what is it?

Admittedly, I had no idea what gurning was until recently, and boy was I surprised when I went to do a little research! According to the English Dialect Dictionary, to ‘gurn’ means to pull a grotesque face, ‘to snarl as a dog; to look savage; to distort the countenance.’ Gurning contests have been a rural English tradition […]

The easiest way to walk straight into the festival

New systems, no more queues!!!!!!! (No Jokes!) Follow these easy steps; 1. Purchase your entry tickets online. 2. Drive to Caboolture on the 12th or 13th of July (or both, let’s face it you need two days!) 3. Park over the road from the Caboolture Train Station (Council parking area – FREE) 4. Cross the […]

My Banquet Experience

Read this wonderful blog on a guest’s Banquet Experience Last year was my first year at the Abbey Festivals’ Medieval Banquet and WOW! My Husband and I had been anticipating it as I prepared our outfits for the night. We had some preconceptions about how it might be but in no way were we expecting what […]

Why come to the Friar’s Folly Tavern?

Why come to the Friar’s Folly Tavern? To taste medieval beverages To listen to the talented performers To relax and soak up the medieval atmosphere To partake in a beef/pork and gravy roll. Supplied by the lions club of Bribie Enjoy a range of drinks including: Alcoholic beverages Rumours Semillon Sauvignon Blanc $4.00 100ml Rumours […]

A Giant Update

First day of the Giant making was a huge success! Upatree Arts introduced us to the giants we would be making, the Green Man and Jester. So far this has been an amazing opportunity for supporters of the Abbey Medieval Festival to create something that will feature at the Festival during our 25th anniversary. We […]

MEDIEVAL MARKETPLACE: Food, Wine, Weapons and Crafts.

Good morrow, good people. The year 2014 carries us to the 25th anniversary of the annual Abbey Medieval Festival. This silver celebration will see the Medieval Marketplace bustling with excitement as Brave Knights, Warriors and Fair Ladies come from across the ages to choose where to spend their hard earned Gold Pieces. Fill your bellies […]

Abbey Medieval Festival Gives Away Free Tickets!

Looking for a different type of Abbey Medieval Festival experience? Well, come and see it from the inside! Our volunteer team numbers over 300 and you could easily be part of this amazing, passionate and fun group of people. Find out how you can be involved.  (You could be on the team for the Banquets, […]

Abbey Medieval Travel Package…in one’s face!

Huzzar! to have so many people interested in the Abbey Medieval Travel Package, we are receiving lots of great feedback. What better experience to look forward to than a short holiday in SE Queensland this winter with your family. To help you enjoy this experience to its optimum, the Abbey Medieval Travel package is designed […]

Premium Tickets to enhance Abbey Medieval Banquet Experience

Big news for Abbey Medieval Festival Fans and those of you that absolutely love the Abbey Medieval Banquet. Festival Coordinators are introducing Premium Tickets to the Medieval Banquet.   These tickets take advantage of fantastic views and surroundings and also come with comfortable cushioned seating, yes, we can hear your squeals of delight! Abbey Medieval […]