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Red Gargoyle and the Abbey Medieval Festival

This year the Abbey Medieval Festival will be welcoming Red Gargoyle for the 9th Year running I thought it would be very fitting to write an article on my Mother’s business that has been renowned for it’s Abbey support and presence, which I have also been an active part in. My mother Linda first attended […]

Abbey Medieval Festival

These are the top 3 reasons why you should buy Abbey Medieval Festival tickets online. 1) Be an early bird! Everybody loves to save a few gold coins! By booking your Abbey Medieval Festival tickets online between the 1st February 2015 and the 30th April 2015 you can take advantage of our early bird prices. Why not do […]

Live Jousting – Sunday 3.15pm

July 12, 2015 – July 12, 2015 | Register Description: This is a ticketed venue inside the gates of the Abbey Medieval Festival, patrons pay $4 for a seat at the joust in addition to the Festival entry. There are 4 jousts a day each one lasting about 30 minutes. Considered by many to be […]

Jousts and Tournaments – The History

Tournaments and jousts were often held as part of the celebrations of important events in the late Middle Ages through to the Renaissance, and frequently the terms were interchangeable. It may seem strange today but kings and princes prided themselves on their martial ability,  and enjoyed putting their prowess to the test at these events.  […]

Winners of free tickets to Medieval Joust Spectacular announced

List of Winners are updated!!!!! 11th November 2014 Congratulations and thanks to; Kat Curtis – Two Tickets Mads Manx – two tickets Nerissa Rowen – 1 ticket James Collins – 2 tickets Paul Ferris – 2 tickets Please email Brett@ourvillage.com.au to redeem your tickets before Wednesday 12th of November 4pm. Last Week’s Winners; Today is […]

Jousting Profiles Part Three: Clifford Formosa

Clifford Formosa is a professional equestrian with a lifetime of experience. Born in Malta, he moved to Australia more than 30 years ago and, since settling here, has become a rider and trainer of National renown. Clifford has studied classical horsemanship with Fernando Elveras, competed as a rodeo bull rider and for the past twelve […]

Jousting Profile Part Four: Sarah Hay

Sarah started jousting in 2008 after seeing a tournament at a festival in NSW.  Having always been attracted to all things medieval, jousting immediately caught her attention and instantly became her passion….it remains her passion seven years later. In 2010 she made my first trip to Europe to joust in Belgium.  Since then, she has […]

Jousting can be such a drag!

Many people know the name Ulrich von Liechtenstein from Heath Ledger’s portrayal of a character adopting that name in the 2001 movie, A Knight’s Tale.The story of the real Ulrich von Liechtenstein is much more dramatic and bizarre than the Hollywood version. The real Ulrich was born probably in the year 1200 in Styria, Austria, roughly about 150 years […]

A Short Guide To Medieval Armour

Dressed to Kill- Medieval Armour Here is a short guide to medieval armour so that you can impress your friends at the Abbey Medieval Joust Spectacular with your extensive knowledge on the subject. Mail/maille: You will see lots of this stuff as it was one of the most common forms of armour in the medieval […]

The Pilgrim’s Cofyn – not what you think!

So who wants to volunteer at The Pilgrim’s Cofyn?  And no it is not what you think!! Roles are being allocated for the volunteers for the Jousting Spectacular.  Each role showing itself to be a GREAT opportunity to have some medieval fun with other volunteers and patrons throughout the night. I can just see our ‘Pedlars’ having […]

Medieval Food! Who else is hungry?

To celebrate the up and coming Medieval Jousting Spectacular, this blog post is all about food and drink in the Middle Ages! We love Medieval Food and it is always a big drawcard for visitors to our events.   As with any historical period, what a person ate and drank depended on how rich they […]

Jouster’s Profiles – Part Two

Second in our Jouster’s Profile series is Vikki Subritzky! Lady Victoria Subritzky hails from Northland New Zealand. She is from a distinguished line of noble Polish mounted warriors, and wears light armour very similar to what her fierce ancestor Jan Sobieski wore  in the Great Battle of Grunwald. There, the combined armies of the Kingdom […]