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Meet the Reenactor Groups 2016 COTTEREAUX Cottereaux (1189 – 1202)- Company of the Dagger is a 45 member strong reenactment group portraying life on the road for a group of travelling knights, their men-at-arms and their squires. Cottereaux, derived from a French word meaning ‘dagger’, have a predominantly European background with a smattering of mercenaries […]

Find The Answers Here!

Have a question you need answered that you just can’t find on our website? Below is list of some of the most common questions we have been asked this year. Chances are, you will find the answers you need here. Can we bring our own lunch? Yes, you can, just no alcohol. We have our […]

Major Change!

The Abbey Medieval Festival will make a major change regarding bottled water at this years Festival!   This year, the Abbey Festival will drastically reduce the amount of bottled water being sold INSIDE the Festival gates.  None of the actual market stalls will be selling BOTTLED WATER. Wait, WHAT? No bottled water you say? What we […]


Meet the Reenactors 2016   KNIGHTS OF THE EMPIRE GERMANICA Knights of the Empire Germanica is a Medieval German re-enactment group in the High Middle Ages period. They are a Brisbane based re-enactment group depicting the Germanic nobility of the Holy Roman Empire. They practice armoured combat and try to recreate the colour, traditions and […]


Meet the Reenactor Groups 2016   COMPANIE OF KNIGHTS BACHELOR Companie of Knights Bachelor is one of Brisbane’s oldest re-enactment groups. Established in 1989, this group re-enacts the splendor of the 12th century and early 13th century, and the heroism of the Crusades. Companie members travel across Queensland as well as interstate to attend events such as […]