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The Templars

Meet the Reenactors 2016 THE TEMPLARS The Templars are a historical re-enactment group based in Brisbane. They portray the military order of the Poor Fellow Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, more commonly known to history as ‘The Templars’. At the Abbey Medieval Festival this year, you’ll find the Templars encampment in the […]

Medieval Fires

Great Fires of the Medieval Period   Great fires have ravaged the earth throughout recorded history, from the days of the Romans, through the Medieval Period and into modern times. These days we recognise the importance of fire safety precautions and install smoke alarms in commercial buildings and homes to protect people, property and contents (amongst […]


Meet the Reenactors 2016 JANISSARY BARRACKS   Janissary Barracks (‘Yeniҫeri Ocaği’) Historical Re-enactment Group Inc. was formed in 1999 and incorporated in March 2004. This group aims to: Foster an environment in which the members can research, adopt and re-enact medieval Ottoman lifestyles. Provide a common meeting ground for those who are interested in the […]


Meet The Reenactors 2016 RAFNHEIM The Rafnheim group was formed in 2010 after their founder Shane Ravenn left his previous Viking group in search of a new direction. Leaving the well populated Viking Age, he delved further back in time to the era before Viking expansion, but after the fall of the Roman Empire. This […]

Balsa Wood In Jousting

Whats the one GREAT thing a Jousting Tournament MUST HAVE?   Well, apart from horses, costumes, Knights, armour, and joust a plaisance (old jousting term for ‘friendly tournament’)… one of the greatest things a tournament must have is a lance! After all, what’s more spectacular than seeing a wooden pole obliterated into a hundred pieces […]


Meet the Reenactor Groups 2016 PRIMA SPADA SCHOOL OF FENCE   Prima Spada School of Fence is a historical fencing school operating in Queensland, Australia. The School currently has three Salles (fencing halls) located in Brisbane, Maroochydore, and on the Gold Coast. Prima Spada take their school on the road, and will be another highly valued […]


Meet the Reenactor Groups 2016 OLTRAMAR Oltramar is a historical display focusing on the lifestyles and culture, equipment and accoutrements of the European nobility who settled on Cyprus in the late 12th– early 13th century. The Oltramar group chose to examine this place and era because during that time Cyprus became a major trading base […]

The Pageant Wagon

What is the Pageant Wagon?  Some history regarding Medieval Theatre. The European Renaissance holds the title of being one of the great ages of theatre. Patronage of acting troupes, the establishment of permanent theatres and playwrights such as Shakespeare and Marlowe, provide solid evidence to support this statement. While this era of theatre is still studied […]


Meet the Reenactor Groups 2016 CONROI   The membership of Conroi is made of like minded individuals who have an interest in doing Living History/Re-enactment from different time periods. Any time, Any place, Any Class Conroi is a multi-time period Living History/Re-enactment Group without restriction on class, location or time. This is to allow all […]