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Stallholders at the Abbey Medieval Festival

Hark! Medieval stallholders, traders and vendors – we want you! Merchants and stallholders selling or demonstrating wares at the medieval market-place is one of the most popular attributes of the Abbey Medieval Festival and a much loved favourite of fans and visitors! The aim of the festival is to provide an authentic medieval environment, including the […]

The Ancient Art of Whacking People

The Ancient Art of Whacking People (A blog from Damien Fegan, image from Abbey Museum Library) You may be excused for thinking that combat at the festival is simply just whacking people with heavy steel objects. Not quite: stabbing, slashing, barging, tripping, buffeting, punching, kicking and the odd head butt also have a part to […]

Something for the Ladies!

There is something for every Lord and Lady at the Abbey Medieval Festival and this blog features a few special items designed to pique the female interest.  Women, Ladies, Maids and girls – both medieval and modern minded – look, listen and laugh – you are in for some eyebrow raising subjects! Be…witched This presentation […]

Animals of the Festival

The significance of animals in the Middle Ages In comparison to our lives today, life in the dark and middle ages was not easy.  Peoples’ routines revolved around the seasons – which would signify whether or not they had food – but hand-in-hand for the people that lived during those centuries were the animals that […]

Volunteering – Give it a go!

5 ways you can benefit from volunteering Some people might think that if you volunteer, you waste your time because you don’t get anything out of it and it’s only for people who have nothing to do! Actually,  that couldn’t be further from the truth! Are you missing something from your life and you don’t […]

2018 Abbey Medieval Festival Hero

The face of the  Abbey Medieval Festival 2018 (Photo by B Croese) Who is our 2018 festival hero? Introducing Mr. Blair Martin, a multi-award winning Brisbane based actor, speaker, broadcaster, writer, director, entrepreneur and ‘Something Else’! In 2018,  Blair will celebrate being the voice behind the microphone, the Master Herald at our annual medieval event […]

Banquet Subtlety

  Not so Subtle is the banquet Subtlety In the Middle Ages, a medieval banquet was a feast of epic proportions. The tables were laden with sumptuous and multitudinous dishes, an expression of a nobles wealth on display for all his guests to see.  Every day foods like pies, fruit and stews were accompanied by […]

To Joust another day…

To Joust Another Day… The trumpets blare and the crowds roar as mounted knights make their way into the arena.  Their armour glints as it is caught by the winter sun and their banners flap in the breeze announcing the colours and heraldry of each rider. Then, the pageantry and ceremony over,  the knights prepare […]

Abbey Museum Shoppe

Abbey Museum Shoppe at the festival Where at the Abbey Medieval Festival can you find mini trebuchets?  How about  beautiful Turkish decorated ceramics or medieval games?  Authentic medieval jewellery, scarves, figurines, carved wooden boxes, small silver jewellery caskets and a myriad of other enticing items?  All at the Abbey Museum Shoppe of course!     […]