Drawing the best Medieval Re-enactors

The Abbey Medieval Festival attracts re-enactment groups from across Queensland and Australia. These groups are dedicated to re-enacting medieval life from Europe and the Near East from the era of 600-1600AD. The Abbey Medieval Festival is proud to be among Australia’s best re-enactment events.

Medieval Re-enactments, crafts and attractions

With a passion for history they enjoy learning the arts, crafts and skills from the different eras and medieval cultures they re-enact. Skills include making armour, swordsmanship, jousting, costuming, spinning, weaving, pottery, heraldry, inkle loom weaving, music and instruments such as the lute, hurdy gurdy, shawn and medieval bagpipes.

Re-enactors perform over two days in many of the arenas including jousting, tournament and battles on the Castle Field, archery displays and cannon fire.


Our Re-enactors commit many hours to ensure the quality of their presentation and performance.  Visitors to the encampments will see history come alive as re-enactors cook traditional meals over open fires or in roughly made ovens. Watch them playing ancient board games such as The Fox and the Goose or make a braid on a Lucet. The Abbey Museum is committed to providing the most authentic Medieval Experience for our festival visitors and the groups who attend are encouraged to attain high standards of historical accuracy on all levels.

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