What to do at the Abbey Medieval Festival!

The festival interweaves very unique opportunities for families to come together, wind-down and indulge in vivid and colourful imagination—just what kids love and very therapeutic for adults too!

Kids of all ages will clap, cheer, and laugh themselves silly when Domino the Jester takes the stage. Get ready for fantastic feats of juggling, brilliant balancing and mystifying magic. The Abbey House Troupe will tell stories of medieval legends for children at the Pageant Wagon stage. Lead by a narrator, the troupe will act out scenes from King Arthur, Robin Hood and St. George and the Dragon.

And for those interested in the evolution of medieval garb, why not take a tour through the transition of fashion from early period through to the late medieval period as models display the evolution of clothing influenced by construction techniques, politics and status.

Would you like to view Saturday’s program?

And here’s Sunday’s Program

This is some of the encampment information for Saturday.

And some encampment information for Sunday.

You can also view market stalls here.


Planning Your VisitJouster Luke Binks

Whether it’s your first time or your 29th time visiting the Abbey Medieval Festival, planning your day around your favourite experiences is recommended.

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