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Tickets to the Abbey Medieval Festival

Please read carefully before purchasing tickets to the Abbey Medieval Festival. When is the next Abbey Medieval Festival? Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th July 2018 Where is the Abbey Medieval Festival? Abbeystowe, Caboolture Frequently Asked Questions When does the Medieval Tournament start and finish? Gates open to pre-paid ticket purchasers at 8.30am and the general […]


Buy Abbey Medieval tickets online

Ticket FAQs Can I get a refund for my ticket? It is the policy of the Abbey Medieval Festival that tickets are non-refundable. We do not give refunds if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision.  In the event of illness, where a doctors certificate is received prior to the event consideration will […]


Winners of free tickets to Medieval Joust Spectacular announced

List of Winners are updated!!!!! 11th November 2014 Congratulations and thanks to; Kat Curtis – Two Tickets Mads Manx – two tickets Nerissa Rowen – 1 ticket James Collins – 2 tickets Paul Ferris – 2 tickets Please email to redeem your tickets before Wednesday 12th of November 4pm. Last Week’s Winners; Today is […]


Abbey Medieval Festival Gives Away Free Tickets!

Looking for a different type of Abbey Medieval Festival experience? Well, come and see it from the inside! Our volunteer team numbers over 300 and you could easily be part of this amazing, passionate and fun group of people. Find out how you can be involved.  (You could be on the team for the Banquets, […]


Premium Tickets to enhance Abbey Medieval Banquet Experience

Big news for Abbey Medieval Festival Fans and those of you that absolutely love the Abbey Medieval Banquet. Festival Coordinators are introducing Premium Tickets to the Medieval Banquet.   These tickets take advantage of fantastic views and surroundings and also come with comfortable cushioned seating, yes, we can hear your squeals of delight! Abbey Medieval […]


Medieval Banquet Tickets

The Medieval Banquet Now THIS is a banquet of a distinct style! Medieval Style of Course.  Authentic Medieval Style.  Just for you (and for us too as we enjoy it so much) Have you got your tickets yet? Last year we heeded your calls, and planned for two Medieval Banquets in our Abbey Medieval Festival […]


Banquet Subtlety

Not so Subtle is the banquet Subtlety In the Middle Ages, a medieval banquet was a feast of epic proportions. The tables were laden with sumptuous and multitudinous dishes, an expression of a nobles wealth on display for all his guests to see.  Every day foods like pies, fruit and stews were accompanied by magnificent […]


To Joust another day…

To Joust Another Day… The trumpets blare and the crowds roar as mounted knights make their way into the arena.  Their armour glints as it is caught by the winter sun and their banners flap in the breeze announcing the colours and heraldry of each rider. Then, the pageantry and ceremony over,  the knights prepare […]


Jouster Blog Series – Lady Eliza Jane

  Name:  Elizabeth Jennings riding as Lady Eliza-Jane   Heraldry:   Lady Eliza-Jane’s heraldry is made up of three red poppies to pay tribute to the past, present and future Veterans of War.  The red poppies are  positioned above the “black dog” in the centre of the shield which is representative of depression and/or PTSD. […]


Jouster Blog Series – Katherine McWade

Name:  Lady Katherine McWade Motto:  ‘I can, I will, Watch Me!‘ Heraldry:  Lady Katherine’s  symbol of the Phoenix rising from the ashes shows her determination to succeed no matter what obstacles are  before her. She jousts in 14th century armour. Her motto is “I Can, I Will, Watch Me” Career highlights:  During a recent skill at arms […]