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Christmas in the Middle Ages 1 of 3

  {We are pleased to present you with another guest blog by Sir Justyn – ‘Christmas in the Middle Ages’ Part 1 of 3 for your Christmas break reading} Celebrating a Middle Ages, Medieval Christmas Often when we think of Christmas, we think of it as a time for holiday, family and friends, a well […]


Dr. Brown goes down!

A very welcome and surprise guest at this year’s Abbey Medieval Festival, was celebrity Dr. Chris Brown.  Showing up on both Saturday and Sunday of the tournament weekend, held at the well known Abbey Museum near Brisbane, Dr. Brown was in search of a medieval experience.  The crowd was given a special treat. A brave and true Knight, Dr. Brown, […]


Food….surviving the test of time!

Life in medieval times was generally hungry.  There’s really no way to hide that.  There was however a big variety of food available and if you are lucky enough to attend the Abbey Medieval Banquet, you will have a chance to sample.  However, depending on your social class, food was either more available or less. […]


Medieval Hounds

This is the final of our guest-blogger Sir Justyn’s series – ‘The Horses, The Hawks and The Hounds.’  Enjoy. The Noble Medieval Hound The third most important animal to nobles of the Middle Ages was the humble hound. So common today are dogs that we can come to neglect their prestige and importance among the […]


The Medieval Horse

Another guest blog post for your pleasure! Horses were one of the most valued and convenient of commodities in the medieval period.  The real value of a horse in Medieval Times. We take horses for granted in our modern age but to the people of the Middle Ages they were as important as a car […]


Birds of Prey at the Abbey

Birds of Prey and Knights go together don’t they? The medieval knight  of popular media is usually dressed in shining armour, upon a fiery steed, jousting and riding off into war and gallant adventure or committing wicked atrocities to the defenceless common folk but not often is he pictured with a hawk on his glove. […]