A Crusader’s Journey

Take ‘A CRUSADER’S JOURNEY’ with us, as we come together in support of those affected by the ongoing bushfires! Please help us sell all tickets so we can DONATE ALL WE CAN!

 Tickets Available now on Eventbrite! Click here!

This will be a night to remember as you become immersed in your journey along the Crusaders route delighting your taste buds with flavours from exotic lands.

Let your eyes feast on colourful characters from times long past as you step back in time.

This delightful evening is our crusade to raise funds to support those affected by the devastating bush fires and 100% of the profits will be donated.

Incredible Partners — NORTH HARBOUR!

So grateful for our amazing partners!  Let’s take a look at North Harbour.   Have you been to BITE Markets, and have you heard about TownLiving?  Check this out…

BITE Markets, Terrace Homes, Three New Parks and More…It’s All Happening at North Harbour!

Bite Markets at North Harbour
Over 20,000 food fans have flocked to Bite Markets at North Harbour in the first two weekends of this new dining adventure opening! Starring over 40 Flavour Makers and bars, presented in permanent customised shipping containers and surrounded by landscaped areas in a fully fenced dining precinct, Bite Markets is open EVERY Friday and Saturday from 4pm to 10pm (weather depending). The team at Bite Markets is all about celebrating local flavours and incredible dishes from around the world and is home to a range of pretty special dishes – think, the Moreton Bay Bug Roll and brilliant Berlin Street Food! ONLY FOUND AT BITE!

With parking for more than 800 cars, Bite is located at exit 150 off the Bruce Highway on Nolan Drive in Morayfield, just 12 minutes from North Lakes and 25 minutes from Brisbane. Bite Markets is overflowing with taste, colour and entertainment for people and palates of all ages. A dedicated children’s play zone called ‘The Paddock’ with AstroTurf (for fun in all weather conditions!) with face painting, games and art & craft keeps the kids entertained whilst older family members enjoy the hospitality that Bite Markets has to offer.

Getting There:

Take Exit 150 from the Bruce Highway to Nolan Drive. Follow the signs – Bite is 12 minutes from North Lakes and 25 minutes from Brisbane.
OPENING HOURS: BITE is open every Friday and Saturday from 4pm to 10pm
ENTRY DETAILS: $3 entry for adults, children 12 year and under are free of charge

For more information find Bite Markets at North Harbour on Facebook and Instagram or visit


TownLiving by Metricon Terrace Homes

TownLiving by Metricon’s Normanby Crescent Residences are bringing a brand-new housing style to North Harbour!

Priced from $367,000, these stunning new 3-bed, 2-bath homes offer the latest in lock up and go living. Comprised of eight contemporary, terraced residences, Normanby Crescent Residences is located opposite Habitat Park (currently under construction) as well as being close to the existing Village Park at North Harbour. The Terrace Homes also have easy access to the future $3M Heritage Park.
Created by Australia’s leading builder – Metricon Homes, each home’s clean-lined design celebrates natural light with spacious living and dining areas. Outstanding features include:

• No body corporate unlike town houses
• Quality fixtures and fittings
• Directly opposite Habitat Park
• North facing outlook
• Easy access to parks, walking trails and bike paths
• Close to cafes, schools, childcare and shops
• Fast broadband
• Free events at North Harbour every weekend

These eight new terraced homes will be built in Normanby Crescent. Two homes will be end of terrace which means they offer a double garage and are priced at $408,500; six will offer single garage homes priced at $367,000.
To find out more visit Metricon’s website here.
North Harbour Living
North Harbour will be home to five parks by the end of 2019!
Our first park, the Village Park, opened in October 2015 in Moreton Bay Boulevard, close to Normanby Crescent. It incorporates two areas of play equipment to suit both older children and pre-schoolers and has Wi-Fi, shelters, drinking fountains (for people and pets) and BBQs on 6000m2 of beautifully landscaped space.
Very popular with both residents and visitors, the Village Park has become the centre of North Harbour’s community playing host to many events, birthday parties, playdates, boot camps and much more.
Our second park, Reflections Park, opened in 2017 and is located on the south-western side of North Harbour near the Raff Creek Environmental Corridor. Reflections also includes play equipment aimed at young children, exercise equipment, BBQs and shelters. Reflections is also home to Sunday Sunrise Yoga in the Park, which is a free yoga class, suitable for all ages.
Riparian Park, which will include play equipment aimed at older kids such as a flying fox and basketball half court and shelters, BBQs and fitness equipment, is scheduled for completion in mid-2019. Habitat Park is adjacent to the proposed Terrace Homes and is also scheduled to open in 2019 and will include an off-leash dog exercise area, play equipment, wetlands and bird watching hide.
The Heritage Park is a community attraction costing over $3m with $1,535,062 of funds coming from the Federal Government through a funding agreement with the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology. Funding is through the Community Development Grants programme, provided through the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

The $1,535,062 Grant is being matched by North Harbour. The Abbey Museum and North Harbour are also working in partnership and providing significant “in-kind” support through project planning, project management, post-construction operation and maintenance.
The Heritage Park will open in late-2019 and offer fishing platforms/ canoe launch, BBQs and picnic amenities including toilets, heritage trails and an interpretive centre. The Heritage Park area is currently able to be accessed on Saturday mornings at 7.00am for those participating in the free, weekly North Harbour parkrun. For more information and directions please click here.
North Harbour boasts the largest area devoted to open space and parklands within the northern corridor. Our open space and parklands area will span 1000 acres. Extensive bike and walking tracks will give residents plenty of options for exercise and fun activities. Also included in our masterplan are proposed playing fields and a sporting complex.

Find North Harbour
North Harbour’s Sales and Information Centre & Display Village with café and two playgrounds is open seven days a week, 10am-5pm. Located on the corner of Buckley Road and Fraser Drive, Burpengary East, the Display Village showcases 33 brand new homes designs from 17 of Australia’s best builders including TownLiving by Metricon. North Harbour recently won the UDIA Queensland Award for Best Residential Subdivision and is EnviroDevelopment Accredited.
To keep up to date with the latest news and info, including North Harbour’s regular events, sign up for email updates and find North Harbour on Facebook,  and Instagram @northharbourliving.

30th Year Recap! HUZZAH!

This year’s 30th Abbey Medieval Festival was everything it was anticipated to be and more. By now you may know certain facts about the Abbey Medieval Festival.  At the top of list, are the one thousand re-enactors from a variety of groups who come to Abbeystowe to bring to life a time period representing 600AD to 1600AD.  There was everything from the five medieval tournaments, including the highly anticipated Joust tournament, to presentations, demonstrations and workshops. There were re-enacted historical battles, birds of prey & incredible animals, live music & entertainers, and a traditional Viking boat burning honouring well known re-enactor “Visti the Viking”.  There were 89 food and craft stall holders, and something for every interest imaginable. There was so much “medieval” it was hard to realise you weren’t actually in another place in time.

What you might not know is that there were over 30,000 visitors at Abbeystowe over the course of two days. It is the largest ‘living history’ event in Australia and even the Southern Hemisphere!  We’d like to thank each involved in helping us achieve our mission in creating the ultimate medieval experience.  It is our hope that everyone who experienced this tournament and festival milestone will have felt inspired to live a more enriched life, through this unique and immersive experience.  Continue below to see a photographic journey from this spectacular 30th year! All photos by Brett Croese.

But first, we honour the 2019 tournament champions.

Joust: David Williamson

Archery: John Pettigrew

Oil Wrestling: Murat Sebat

Strength and Skill: Lady Heather and her proxy, Squire Gareth

Holmgang: N/A this year

David Williamson – 2019 Joust Tournament Champion!

Archery champion, John Pettigrew, honoured by the Lord and Lady of Abbeystowe!

Murat Sebat – Turkish Oil Wrestling Champ!

Lady Heather and her proxy, Squire Gareth – Strength and Skill!

The crowd was guided by none other than Lord Herald Sir Blair Martin!

It’s always so special to see the Birds of Prey!

The incredible Lady Amanda Challen during the parade…

…and head to head during the Joust Tournament!

No pressure!

Defending the castle during the seige!

‘Terry The Great’ from All Star Fish!

Prima Spada!

Familiar site at the Abbey for years, the Plague Doctor!

Burial site of the ‘”Fafnir” at the Norviks encampment!

Swaying in the breeze at over 3 meters tall!

Major blow during ground combat!

The Norviks and Saga Viking groups enter for the boat burning ceremony…

…and it was set ablaze!

Beautiful dancers from the Janissary Barracks!

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Companie Draco Routiers

A quick Q&A with Travis Savage, from the reenactment group, Companie Draco Routiers.

Tell us about CDR?

In the late 14th century, a wealthy mercenary company with renowned fame travels through regions of Europe. The knights often partake in tournaments seeking fame and men and women seek to join the ranks in the pursuit of wealth and adventure.

Sir Richard Sheffield – 2018 Abbey Medieval Festival  Photo- Brett Croese

What is special about Abbey?

Abbey is special because of it’s history built on past re-enactors that have sculpted it to what it is today. In the old days, they didn’t have the internet so it was much harder to research and had to build everything from scratch, as it wasn’t readily available like today.  A lot of great dedicated people have shaped it into what it is today.  Names Like Damien Fegan, Justin Webb, Rosalie Gilbert and Gary Johnston come to mind when I think of Queensland’s contribution to the 14th century’s popularity.

Companie Draco Routiers – 14th century battle. Photo- Brett Croese

What can people expect to see at the festival?

The public can expect to see beautiful ladies honouring courageous knights with favours for their skill and chivalry. Also, charismatic heralds babbling stories of valour and reminding knights of their oaths. The children will wave their Draco flags and cheer for St.George as the English side takes to the field in a melee finale celebrating the 30th year of Queensland number one medieval festival !

Companie Draco Routiers – 14th century battles. Photo- Brett Croese


Beautiful Lady with courageous knight!



Preview of stalls!

This year, we welcome 89 stalls, some of which have been to Abbeystowe for over 25 years!  The following is just a preview of some of the amazing food and merchants that will be attending this year’s festival.

Click on the Festival Site Map to view a complete list of the stalls and where to find them!



Name: Brierley Wines

Years coming to Abbey? 12 years

Products: Honey Mead, Mulled wine & wine 

“The lost art of traditional winemaking has been forgotten by most, but “Lord of the Meads”, Tony Brierley prides himself on honing his craft in the style of 12th century Sicilian monks.  No modern technology has been used to produce  these wines and mead, so therefore it is chemical, additive and preservative free.”

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Name: Gypsy Feast

Years coming to Abbey? 5

Products: Food vendor serving exotic flavours from Persia to Morocco. Fragrant tanginess, spiced koftas and haloumi, fresh salads, and delicious desserts.

“Romani Gypsies arrived in Europe in the 1400’s, brining with them their unique culture of music, dance and food from a wide ranging nomadic lifestyle. We celebrate this beautiful culture with a collection of exotic flavours, following on of their well travelled paths, from India and the Middle East through North Africa and into Europe.”


















Name:  Hungarian Langos

Years coming to Abbey?  16 years

Products: Langos is a traditional Hungarian bread!

“As per the traditional way of bread making, our bread is hand kneaded full of love at the beginning of each and every day. We then golden fry it to be crispy on the outside and light n fluffy on the inside. We serve it hot with your choice of garlic flavour topped with finely grated cheddar cheese and sour cream, or cinnamon sugar coated with whipped cream and strawberries.

But a note of caution, it is deliciously addictive, and you will find yourself hooked for life!”

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Name: Mrs. Bean Coffee

Years coming to Abbey? This will be 3 years

Products: Coffee’s, teas, turmeric and beetroot latte

“Mrs Bean’s coffee brew is getting the punters and guests of the Festival energised so that they have enough strength to wonder and endure through the whole event.  Our teas are beautiful and calming and the turmeric and beetroot will heal you from the inside.”

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Name: Normanby Wines

Years coming to Abbey? This will be our 15th year

Products: Wine – Red and white, sweet and dry and fortified.

“Alcohol was seen as more nutritious and beneficial to digestion than water. In medieval times they did not have water treatment facilities, chlorine tablets or anything like that, water from a spring would be fine, the towns did not have toilets so streets may not be so healthy, water from the rain washes the streets clean and flows into the river. Alcohol is a natual steriliser to keep you healthy as is my wine.“

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Name: A Page in History

Years coming to Abbey? Our first year was 1994 when we were trading as The Wood Forge

Products: Wooden swords, shields, battle axes, toy castles.

“Our shields are not only fun, they are educational too!  Each heraldic shield is painted with genuine designs, and the name of the knight together with dates and detail is shown on the back. Norman & Viking shields are also available. Every year, children come to see us and bring their shield with them. They last! One year a father brought his little son to our stall and told us that he had bought one of our shields when he was child and he wanted his son to have one too. That was very special.”





Name: Archery Bisconi

Years coming to Abbey? This is our first official year as a stallholder.

Products:  Traditional Archery Supplies – English longbows, Hun bows, arrows, leather armguards, leather quivers etc

“We cater to reenactors and the general public producing replica English longbows, Hun bows and period authentic self nocked arrows as well as handmade leather accoutrements. We can make to order and also provide guidance and advice to aspiring archers. Our stall caters to all traditional archers from beginners and children through to the seasoned veteran.”

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Name: Beljays Felt

Years coming to Abbey? This will be my 4th year

Products: Items made of wool. Particularly handfelted archers hats and slippers. Also handspun and dyed yarns, wool for spinning and some beautiful hand woven or hand knitted items.

“I start with natural fleece from sheep. I wash it, dye it and then either felt it or spin it. My items are unique, made with care and will last. My techniques reflect those used throughout the medieval period.

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Name: Dwarven Steel

Years coming to Abbey? 1

Products: Hand forged products and natural drinking horns

“As a young, self-taught blacksmith I strive to not only provide bespoke hand made products, but to also inspire a passion for working with your hands and making unique and one-off items.”

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Name: Flaming Gargoyle Pottery

Years coming to Abbey? 12 years

Products: Reproduction Medieval ceramics/pottery.

“Flaming Gargoyle Pottery produces pottery for everyday use, based on Medieval ware. Focus has been placed on creating appropriate forms and decoration for a range of time periods including Viking, Byzantine, High Medieval and Tudor.”

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Name:  Happy Flame Beeswax Candles

Years coming to Abbey? 5 years

Products: Hand crafted beeswax candles

“Beeswax candles for your castle! Beeswax was for the Royalty, no smelly tallow candles for Kings and Queens!

Made from pure beeswax from the Northern Rivers region, our candles burn long and true, all hand crafted.

Available once again for all the Ladies and Lords at the Medieval Festival this year. Huzzah!”

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Name: Henna Harem

Years coming to Abbey? 16 years

Products: Henna body adornment

“Over the tournament weekend we create traditional designs from Medieval Europe, Persia, Africa, India and Egypt.

Information boards are displayed for public interest with henna use and design trends during the Middle Ages, as well as a long list of countries using henna between 600 and 1600 AD.

Our henna paste is made fresh on site using natural ingredients.  We aim to provide a traditional henna experience to those visiting Abbeystowe.”

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Name:  Hive and Hearth

Years coming to Abbey? First Time!

Products: Beeswax candles and herb craft, salves, balms, polish, and wax cloth.

“Beeswax dates back since time immemorial and we can’t wait to bring it’s versatile medieval uses into the candle light! Proot yer boots and bags, light your lanterns and salve your skin!”

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Name: Kelemen’s Archery

Years coming to Abbey?  This year will be my first time.

Products: Authentic medieval wooden arrows, bows and archery equipment from Hungary.

“Kelemen’s Archery was established in Hungary, Europe in 1995. Since then our brand has become well known for its high quality in Europe and America. Every piece is made by hand in Hungary with the highest attention to detail. Our arrows are made of Siberian Brovi pine and American turkey feathers with industry unique lacquer applied to the bandage. Our techniques and attention to detail must be seen to be understood just how special and high quality these arrows are.”

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Name:  Lady Carberry & The Peddlar

Years coming to Abbey? This will be our 7th year

Products: Medieval style homewares, Crafted Wood Goblets, Bowls & Plates, Fine & Costume Jewellery, Garments & Accessories (Hats, Shawls, Scarves, Bags)

“The Medieval Bazaar, Lady Carberry & The Peddlar has become one of the “must visit” spots in the marketplace, offering the finest quality authentic medieval home wares including crafted wood goblets, bowls and plates. Our wood turner will be on hand to assist with all your inquiries on how to care for your wood items and you’ll find him a wealth of knowledge about his craft. Our garments, jewellery and accessories are always much sought after additions to your medieval garb.”

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Name: Leather Maid

Years coming to Abbey? 4 Years

Products: Hand crafted custom leather pieces for sale and made to order.

“I consider myself a master leather worker and have dedicated myself to making leather goods of exceptional design, quality, and durability. From archery quivers to scabbards and belts, I strive to create items that are not only beautiful to look at but are fit for purpose.

I have been involved with the Re-enactor community for quite some time and have created beautiful custom pieces for my discerning customers.

Most of my work is by commission and I particularly like requests for something special. I always approach my work with a ‘can do’ attitude.  ‘Made by hand’ is at the heart of everything I do from carving and tooling to colouring and hand stitching. I am so confident in all my creations, that I guarantee everything I do for a hundred years!“

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Name:  Mainly Medieval

Years coming to Abbey? 10 years

Products: Period replicas of domestic pewter-ware, textiles, tools, games and accessories, beauty and hygiene products, books, jewellery and music.

“Mainly Medieval is a collective of traders that aim to educate people about Merchants, their role and lives in medieval society. In our role of medieval merchants we specialise in researching, producing, sourcing and selling high quality, period replica goods for both the re-enactment community and the public. Our wares include reference facsimiles, household linens and textiles, pewter dining ware, hygiene and cosmetic products, games, jewellery and a host of other items used by medieval people as part of their everyday lives.”

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Name:  Marekyn’s Wardrobe

Years coming to Abbey?  10

Products: Medieval clothing and accessories to deck you out from top to toe.  A huge range of headwear, jewellery, metal belts, bags, aprons, shirts and pants, and cloaks to keep you warm.  And more besides…

“My period-accurate items of clothing and accessories sell to reenactors across the globe.  My passion for research helps me to create accurate reproductions of medieval style, fabrics and stitching.  My primary interest is in the many accessories that make the authentic medieval look complete: headwear, bags, cloaks, jewellery etc.  Among those, Paternosters are a favourite, and were worn as a fashion or religious statement.  I also provide an opportunity for those who want just a taste of the medieval to wear costume pieces referencing the period, at a reasonable price.  Many of the items I sell can be worn as modern accessories too. Customers love being able to complement their own style with an alternative twist of medieval flair.”

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Name: Medieval Fight Club

Years coming to Abbey? 13 years

Products: Historical replicas – including costume, swords, armour and helmets

Children’s toys and big kid’s (adults) gear too – we are your one stop medieval shop…the Bunnings of the medieval world. Helmets and swords for kids, weapons and armour for grown ups…..costume, archery, feasting gear and curios for everyone. Come and see for yourself!

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Name:  Qld Palmistry Guild

Years coming to Abbey? About 25 years

Products: Palmistry and Hand Analysis readings

Palmistry was popular in Medieval times offering wise guidance to Lords and Ladies in the absence of psychologists or counsellors. Called Chiromancers some also did Alchemy and Astrology. Everyday folk visited ‘fortune-tellers’, usually Gypsy palm readers, using their psychic skills for predictions.

Staff at our colourful Palmistry Guild tent have many years experience as readers, teachers and book authors. We take our work seriously. Many AMF clients return each year for updates and reminders about the rich information we see in their palms. It’s our belief that your life is in your hands.

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Name: Red Gargoyle

Years coming to Abbey? 13 this year

Products: Medieval/Celtic/Norse inspired jewellery, stained glass, banners, wood boxes, button & claps and more.

“My jewellery is inspired by the medieval period featuring pieces from Europe, UK, and the Celtic Nations. The stained glass sun catchers are dazzling in the sun with images of shields, swords, knights, lions, fleur di  Lys, Scotch thistle, church windows, celtic crosses and more.”

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Name:  Sharron’s Country

Years coming to Abbey? This is my 2nd year

Products: HAND made shawls, embroidery patches bags, hand spun wool, silk and cotton

“The things l do are in part with what was done in the time of medieval as l do spinning with a drop spindle and spinning wheel all me bags and patches are hand embroidered in keeping with what was drawn and carved in stone so l put them in to my work which l enjoy doing and showing people how it is done. “

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Name:  The Crowned Heart

Years coming to Abbey?  This will be our sixth year

Products:  Medieval headwear and accessories

“We are Brisbane sisters: historian Maureen and milliner Wendy and we delight in hand crafting beautiful and carefully researched medieval accessories. We turn wool, silk and linen, feathers and pearls into the perfect finishing touch to enhance your medieval impression. Whether you need a dashing bycocket hat for the Hunt, an elaborately dagged hood, an elegant hennin, silk veil or tasselled purse, look no further than us.”

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Name: The Herbal Gardener

Years coming to Abbey? Second year

Products: Natural Skincare hand made on our certified property where we grow calendula.

“The calendula flowers are transformed into infused oil – a traditional herbalist method – and used into the formulation of every product.
Calendula is a medicinal herb used since ancient Greek time. It is incredible for the skin; rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory, it assists in nurturing and repairing the skin.”