Friday 8th July 2022

During the Middle Ages, it was common practice for knighting ceremonies to take place on the eve of a tournament, battle, or joust. The Abbey Medieval Festival honours this tradition.

The authentic 14th century Knighting Ceremony takes place in the candlelit Abbey Church with its magnificent medieval stained glass windows.

In the medieval feudal society, knighthood was one of the greatest achievement a person could obtain. Originally a title given to mounted warriors, it eventually became a rank of lower nobility and infused with the ideals of chivalry. Many young boys would train their whole lives to achieve knighthoods, working their way up from pages and squires to earn their spurs.

This year Companie Draco Routiers will recreate a knighting based on Ramon Llull’s book of the order of chivalry, written in 1275 and translated and used throughout the 14th century.

Our worthy recipient of knighthood is none other than an Abbey veteran, squire Wilhiem Keller, who has been a member of Companie Draco Routiers from its inception, having won tournament champion at events around Queensland. His hard work and dedication to recreating martial combat from the late 14th century has earned him the respect of his peers and the living history community.

So join Companie Draco Routiers at the chapel to celebrate Wilhiem’s journey and to learn about the virtues and roles of a chivalric knight in the late 14th century.