Nothing excites like the thrill of the joust! Knights go head to head at 30kph and clash at the centre of the list!

Australia’s top jousters face off in a round robin format each day of the Festival. There are three sessions on both Saturday and Sunday. Points are accumulated to the scoring criteria, then the three highest scoring jousters will battle in the grand final on Sunday at 3pm to crown our new 2022 Moreton Bay Medieval Joust Championship champion!

There will be limited seating for this high demand spectacle!

 Seats must be pre-purchased before the event at an additional fee of $5.00.

Please select your Abbey Medieval Festival entry ticket and scroll down to Add-Ons to choose your Joust session.

Who will be battling for the Abbey joust title this year?

Luke Binks Jouster

Luke Binks (Marshall)

Hailing from: Queensland

Heraldry: Quarterly in Sable and Or with a lion rampant gardant in the dexter chief quarter

Mount: “Sincero” – gey Spanish Andalusian stallion & “Conquest” – bay Percheron cross Stock horse gelding

Motto: Factis non verbis – “Deeds not Words”

Amanda Challen Jouster

Amanda Challen

Hailing from: Queensland

Heraldry: Pe fess quartered dancetty azure and argent

Mount: “Nyx” – 11-year-old Percheron/Clydesdale cross

Motto: “Magnum vel domum ite” – Go Big or Go Home

Rodney Deamon Jouster

Rodney Deaman

Hailing from: New South Wales

Heraldry: Per pale sable and gules a dragon passant

Mount: “Harry” – Shire x Clydesdale bay gelding

Motto: “Cedere Nescio” – I know not how to yield

Liz Hodges Jouster

Lady Eliza Jane

Hailing from: Queensland

Heraldry: Three Poppies on a field of white and red with a black dog rampant

Mount: “Cashmere” – Friesian Cross

Motto: “Saliremus, alas in via faciamus” – Jump and Build Your Wings on the Way Down

Andrew McKinnon Jouster

Andrew McKinnon

Hailing from: New South Wales

Heraldry: Azure, a wolf rampant argent

Mount: “Jotenheim Navarre” – 11-year-old Percheron gelding

Motto: “Omnia perpetiar usque in finem” – I Will Endure until the End

Katrina Kruse

Hailing from: Queensland

Heraldry: Parti Unicorn Rampant on a per bend sinister field of Sable and Or (Black & Gold)

Mount: “D’artagnan” – 10-year-old Friesian Warmblood Gelding & “Dreamer” – 17-year-old Thoroughbred Mare 

Motto: Lignum eos cum acutis finis (Stick em with the pointy end!)