Avoid the Fuss – Book A Bus

This year, book a bus for SATURDAY with one of 15 pick up locations available across Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.

Provided by a third party bus service, you now have the convenience for a local pick up closest to you with a return ticket, so you can avoid the traffic and parking and enjoy the day at your leisure with the comfort of a direct bus service.

Please note this service is not provided by Abbey Medieval Festival, any enquiries should be directed to the bus provider on the details listed on the booking page.


* Bookings available for Saturday only
* No eating or drinking on the buses
* As a safety precaution to the company and fellow travellers we have the right to refuse any patrons we believe to be highly intoxicated or unruly.
For Group Bookings please contact G & D Ward Bus Services directly on 5497 9789 or email gdward@internode.on.net

Disclaimer: Transit service offered independently to Festival. Abbey Medieval Festival accepts no loss or liability when booking through third party.