10am – 3pm Friday 2 July 2021

On Friday 2 July, Abbeystowe, the home of the Medieval Festival, will welcome families for a special day full of medieval-themed fun activities for the kids and, of course, parents.  The day will be jam-packed with things to do and see that will keep your young squires or maidens entertained and engaged.

JOUSTING: There will be two Jousts to see on Friday! Feel the excitement as you watch the mighty horses gallop down the list, armoured knights with lance at ready aiming to strike the shield of their opponent or maybe even knock them from their horse.

EXPLORE:  Wander through the many medieval encampments, meet the reenactors and hear them talk about their armour and weapons, arts and craft, or join in one of the wide range of fun children activities they will be offering.

ANIMALS: Visit the encampments of the Horses, Hounds and Hunters and the Order of the Long Dog, where there will be lots of animals to see and pet.  From medieval hounds to chickens, horses and ponies, there are lots of adventures to be had.  You can take a ride on a camel or have your photo taken with one of the beautiful birds of prey.

ARCHERY: The archery field will also be open for those who dream of becoming a little Robin Hood or William Tell.

COSTUME COMPETITION:  Families are encouraged to dress in their favourite medieval costume. You and your children could WIN first prize and be seated in the VIP area to watch one of the jousting tournaments.

KIDS’ KINGDOM:  The kids are invited to bring their artistic talents to the Kids’ Kingdom, where there are many arts and crafts. From designing their own heraldry and painting it on a shield to decorating a royal crown or a mask and making a mini catapult or creating their very own medieval drawings.

‘MEGA’ MEDIEVAL GAME:  The children are invited to join a giant scavenger hunt to search for hidden treasure boxes across the Festival site.  A fun and interactive activity for young explorers and adventurers that all the family will enjoy.

MEDIEVAL GAMES:  On the Castle Arena, your family can play all sorts of medieval games, including skittles, battledore, quoits, and there will be mini trebuchets to fire. After firing your mini trebuchet, you might like to visit the encampment of Cottereaux and see the largest trebuchet in Australia.  Or you might want to test your skill at stilt walking. Do you have the balance needed?

There will also be TURKISH OIL WRESTLING at 11:30am and 1:30pm and ARCHERY displays to inspire our young Robin Hood and Maid Marian fans.  This family friendly event offers the chance to step back in time as 1,000 years of history come to life.  It is authentic, inspirational and great for the entire family!

And don’t forget a visit to the ‘MEDIEVAL MARKET’ where there will be lots of fun things to buy or delicious food to eat. There will be medieval crafts, toys, armoury, clothes, candles and much, much more.

Let the kids take a time out from the festival in the Kids’ Kingdom where they can create and play. Kids can:

  • design their own heraldry and paint it on a shield
  • decorate a princess hat (hennin), a crown, or a mask
  • make a miniature catapult
  • test out their balance on stilts
  • play medieval games like skittles, battledore, quoits and Nine Men’s Morris

Come join our adventure at the Medieval Family Fun Day at Abbeystowe in the Moreton Bay Region, the home of the Abbey Medieval Festival!

It is a chance to step back in time as 1,000 years of history come to life. It is authentic, inspirational and value for the entire family!