Early evening Friday 31st January was the Abbey 2020 launch celebration here at the museum.

The celebrations began with Abbey Museum Director, Edith Cuffe, speaking about illumination, and our mission of inspiring our patrons through an authentic medieval experience. Father George Cuffe, using only his flint and steel created sparks to produce an ember which he nursed into a flame which he used to light a candle. Exiting through the silent crowd holding his single candle Fr George then returned leading the noble Sir Justin Webb who, in his hands, bore a covered frame which he placed on an awaiting easel.

At the sound of a medieval bell ringing, the cover was removed, revealing the Abbey 2020 illuminated manuscript by artist Tania Crossingham – Medieval Illumination Artist and Teacher. Abbey 2020 was officially launched.

Displayed around the museum was a collection of framed photographs curated by Abbey Volunteer photographer Neda Lundie. The exhibition perfectly tells the story of the Abbey Medieval Festival and will be on display for the remainder of the week.

Delicious morsels of food, rustled up in the Abbey kitchen by award-winning chef Robert Allen Van Buerle, were accompanied by homemade punch, Amrita Park Meadery mead, traditional cider and beer were served. It was spectacular!

Among our guests was Terry Young MP – Member for Longman, State Member for Pumicestone- Simone Wilson MP, Acting Mayor – Councillor Mike Charlton, Councillor for Division 1 – Cr Brooke Savigeand President of the North Lakes Chamber of Commerce President Dave Green.

Also present was our amazing sponsors – Renee Gusa Nugent from MBRIT, Bryan Finney from North Harbour, and Hans and Petra from Hans Electrical Service.

We thank you, everyone, who has already jumped on purchasing early bird tickets, it has truly been an amazing response to Abbey 2020, and we are so excited to bring our best 11 & 12 July!

Early Bird Tickets available here…