If medieval shopping is what brings you to our festival, you won’t be dissappointed this year.  Here is a snippet of just some of the amazing stalls:

Whimsical Imaginings

Hand-crafted Flower Hair Garlands

Every single one of our flower garlands are made with love by our own hands!
We spend months every year, creating our beautiful garlands for people to wear at the festival. We use a range of silk and velvet flowers to create our garlands which range in price, from just $5 to $75 each.

Jule Barten
M. 0412 786 046

Hierba Santa Organic

Organic Herbal Infusions to refresh your body and soul

We offer our products as a vehicle to empower traditional health and well being.

All of our products are made ethically from 100% handpicked, wild crafted and Certified Organic herbs. Our standard for product selection insures no contact with chemical herbicides or pesticides.

Documented uses of plants in our recipes date back hundreds of years for the Native Americans Aztecs, Mayas , Ancient Sumerians, Chinese Dynasties, Indian Yogis and many other ancient and indigenous cultures.


Shopping for leather at the Abbey Medieval Festival

Leather Maid

Hand crafted custom leather pieces made to order

I believe my pieces are so special because everything I do is with an eye for detail, use of the piece and customer requirements. I consider myself a master leather worker and have dedicated myself to making leather goods of exceptional design, quality, and durability. From archery quivers to scabbards and belts, I strive to create items that are not only beautiful to look at but are fit for purpose.

Ms Jamie Maloney, Leather Maid


The Herbal Gardener

Natural skincare hand made on our certified property where we grow calendula, tranformed into oil.

All our products are hand made on our certified property.  We grow calendula flowers, a medicinal herb specialist for the skin.  We transformed the calendula into infused oil – a traditional herbalist process – which then enter into the formulation of all our products.

The property is certified Australian Demeter Bio-dynamic for 10 years now.  It is the strictest and oldest organic certification in the country.

Lise Racine, Owner
12 Benaroon Court
Tallebudgera QLD, 4228
Mob:  0419021606
Ph:  07 5533 9505
E: lise@theherbalgardener.com.au
W: www.theherbalgardener.com.au
FB: The Herbal Gardener

Crowned Heart

Sellers of small wares: hats, hoods, purses, trims, veils, pretty trifles for courting gifts

Our accessories are mainly 14th and 15th century but we also make some items from earlier centuries – a 13th century pilgrim bag, or a Viking hood, for instance. I enjoy bringing items from manuscripts and museums back to life by recreating them and seeing them in use. It unites my passion for research with a life long interest in handsewing.

Maureen Lillie, Wendy Diggles


Amrita Park Meadery

Various varieties of bottled mead including traditional, spiced and melomels

Amrita Park Meadery is a small boutique Meadery located in the Noosa Hinterland. We specialise in small batch Meads using locally sourced quality raw honey along with Local in season fruits.  We are Queenslands only operating Meadery and are continuing the Mead making tradition started by international award winning Mead maker Dennis “Poppo” Coates in the late 1940’s

Our mission statement is to educate and bring quality Mead to everyone, there is a Mead is for every occasion!

There will also be Two Amrita Park Meadery Meads available on tap at the Friars Folly Tavern for everyone to enjoy.

Andy Coates


The Hornmaster

Drinking and blowing horns, leather waterbottles, handmade viking jewelry, fire kits, handmade bows and arrows, carved leather pouches and belts, handmade medieval stools, feasting kits, antler needles, lucettes.

All the products on my stall are hand crafted in Australia by myself and other craftspeople. The products are researched to bring them as close to the celtic and viking periods as possible. The items cover the soft crafts such as weaving and sewing equipment, handmade bows and  period arrows and damasus scorpion blades.

Jean the Hornmaster


Brierley Wines

Boutique Wines & Honey Mead

All our wines are naturally fermented.  No modern technology including any chemicals have been used to produce any of our wines.  We also produce a beautiful Honey Mead and this year’s Mead is 2 years old and can also be spiced and warmed for drinking.  Mulled Wine is also our speciality.



Pictish Trader

7th century Pictish encampment that trades in local and exotic jewellery, armoury, clothing and home decor.

My wares portray a diversity of cultures as was found in 7th century Scotland due to trade with Anglo-Saxon England, Gaelic Ireland, Celtic Wales and various Viking / Germanic cultures bringing trade goods from as far as Constantinople and the Asiatic Steppes.

Step back into the 7th Century and discover the beauty and cultures of Dark Age Britain.

  • Talismans and Pendants
  • Bracelets, Arm Rings, Brooches and Cloak Pins
  • Armoury
  • Oil Lamps and Drinking Horns
  • Tunics, Kaftans and Woollen Blankets
  • Driftwood Garland and Traditional Designs

Cameron Davidson


Lady Carberry and the Peddlar

Quality homewares and woodwork, clothing and accessories (hats, shawls, scarves, bags) fine and costume jewellery, fabric and trimmings

Lady Carberry and the Peddlar are purveyors of high quality goods presented in an authentic medieval merchant bazaar setting.

Although originally frowned upon by noble and the clergy, society increasingly depended on merchants for the distribution of much needed goods and eventually they became people of great standing and importance within the community.  The role of the merchant became even more important and entrenched in society during the thirteenth and the fourteenth centuries as nobility became richer and peasants were better placed to purchase goods.

(Image by DdeGroot)