Volunteering – Give it a go!

5 ways you can benefit from volunteering

Some people might argue that you don’t get anything out of volunteering and it’s only for people who have nothing to do!

Well that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Who’s looking for a fun way to add a new layer (yes, like an  onion!) to your life, build up resilience and feel like the you that you really want to feel like.

Get active!  Get alive!   and get that awesome happy Seratonin feeling that you may have been missing for a while for whatever reason.

We have some wonderful volunteers at the Abbey Medieval Festival, some of whom come back to us year after year.  This might explain why!


What contributing to your community can do for you!

  • Are you between jobs? – use your time to volunteer and keep your skills up to date.
  • Are you recovering from illness? If you can’t commit to a full time job yet, use your time to volunteer and build up strength and stamina until you are fully fit again
  • Are you new to the area? Consider volunteering to make friends and contacts to help you feel connected with your community
  • Put that  smile on your dial – where it belongs! – There’s nothing like giving to make you feel better
  • Oh and here’s one, if you are fed up on on-line dating……why not give volunteering a go to see if you can meet some ‘real’ people.


Volunteering for the  Abbey Medieval Festival is and incredible experience.  It’s not just fun, it’s educational.  Applications are now open – apply here!