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The Friday Joust Tourney – new to 2017 Abbey Medieval Festival

Friday Joust Abbey Medieval Festival 2017


Have you heard about our Friday afternoon Joust Tourney?

As our festival date draws closer, we will be writing a series of blogs to keep you in the loop about what’s new to the Abbey Medieval Festival this year,  so that you can plan you time accordingly and not miss out on anything.

So in 2017, one of the things that’s premiering …and we are very excited about it…. is the Friday afternoon Joust.  (There will be other new and special items added to the program in 2017, but today we are talking about the

Friday Afternoon Joust Tourney.

The Friday Afternoon Joust will be a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the  making of the festival.  Up-close and personal, our Friday event will be and ‘un-finished’ look at the Saturday and Sunday tournaments.  However, we’d, like to think this experience will be an honest pre-construction of what actually goes on behind the scenes every year:  a lot of hard work and planning.  You will have an amazing opportunity to get up close and personal with some of our national and international jousters, so prepare your questions and follow our upcoming blogs regarding these amazing Jousters.

We think this is a perfect opportunity to come experience a snap-shot of the festival, particularly for our senior citizens who might find the excitement of the full-days at the tournament too much.  This is a shortened and toned- down mini version of the tournament.

Gates open at 1.30, for a 2.30 start.  Snacks and drinks will be on sale throughout the afternoon, with the evening drawing to a close around 5.00pm.  From the Eastern Grandstand entry, groups of guests will be escorted to the jousting arena.  There, you will have the opportunity to witness international and Australian jousts.

The rest of the grounds will be still under construction, and therefore no access will be allowed to anywhere else on the grounds apart from the joust arena.  Our re-enactors and encampments will still be busy putting finishing touches to their amazing displays, so we cannot have them disturbed!

Tickets need to be pre-purchased, so book your seats quickly as we have a feeling they won’t last.


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