Meet the Reenactors 2016

SHUVANI; Egipcianos Campañia


AKA – Shuvani; Festivále Historíque

Re-enactment period –  Late 1400s

Re-enactment place – Andalusia

Shuvani; Egipcianos Campañia’s primary mission is to provide the people of today with the same sense of wonder experienced by the villagers of Medieval Europe upon their first encounters with the exotic nomads from the east. These are the same nomads who went on to become the Romani, Domari, Lom, and other modern peoples. The Campañia primarily achieves this through it’s extensive bewildering and interactive shows and displays, at events such as the Abbey Medieval Festival. You will see their encampment is filled with amazing and talented dancers, singers, musician, arts and crafts, textiles, animals, folklore and fortune telling.

Shuvani encampment

Around 1000 years ago waves of migration occurred out of North Western India. These migrants were to spread across Asia, the Middle East and Europe over the next 500 years taking with them language, culture, arts and trades that both influenced, and were influenced, by the various countries they traveled through along the Silk Road. Today, ethnic groups such as the Romani of Europe, the Domari of the Middle East and the Lom of Armenia can trace their ancestry back to these early migrants from India.

Shuvani; Egipcianos Campañia creatively portrays these ancient nomads of the Silk Road, communicating the complex migratory route by including costuming, cultural and artistic elements of Medieval India, Persia, Armenia, Byzantium, European and Spanish societies. Few surviving records remain of the appearance or lifestyle of these migrant groups but their impact on industry and arts has been profound. Shuvani; Egipcianos Campañia hopes to cast light on this little known and often dismissed group of people from a bygone age.

Come and immerse yourself in the Shuvani camp this year! 

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