Major Change!

The Abbey Medieval Festival will make a major change regarding bottled water at this years Festival!

 water change

This year, the Abbey Festival will drastically reduce the amount of bottled water being sold INSIDE the Festival gates.  None of the actual market stalls will be selling BOTTLED WATER.

Wait, WHAT? No bottled water you say?

What we mean by this is, in a step towards a more SUSTAINABLE and environmentally friendly solution, we will no longer be allowing any of our Medieval Market Stalls to sell bottled water (Mt Franklin, Pump, etc). To make this transition smoother, for this year, there will be “pedlars” roaming around the Festival selling some bottled water, as well as selling some recycled and reusable bottles for you to buy.

There will also, most definitely, be access to FRESH, COLD WATER, at any of our 3 new water stations that will be set up at 3 different spots around the Festival. The Unity Water Hydration Station will also be onsite for you to fill up at, you just need to bring your own drink bottle, or purchase a reusable drink bottle from either the Museum Stall inside the Festival or inside Downtown Abbey (Sponsors Village before you enter the Festival).  These water bottles will be sold for $5, which will go straight back to the Museum, and the water re fills from the stations are completely FREE all day.

WHY are we doing this you ask?

There are many reasons for this decision being made and trialled this year. These reasons include the obvious effect these plastic bottles has on the environment when not recycled. Did you know that these plastic water bottles take up to 1000 YEARS to break down? And that “recyclable” water bottles are one of the 10 most COMMON pieces of LITTER just left on the ground, in drains, and worse, in the ocean?

If we, as an Australian organisation, can have even a small part in the minimisation of bottled water at big events like the Medieval Festival, this is our way of doing our bit. We look forward to our valued visitors and friends supporting us in this decision, and doing your bit too, even just for the day.

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10 replies
  1. hazel cash
    hazel cash says:

    Brilliant and access to water means we don’t have to carry all our bottles of water from home for the kids. Great initiative! Thankyou!

  2. Clint Corrie
    Clint Corrie says:

    I do understand the ideology about this decision, but believe this is a mistake. This may have very poor results for guests with mobility issues and or those with medications. Also it will cause undue aggravation to those that feel inconvenienced. From a purely marketing perspective, upset customers very rarely return, and I do not believe that this event could stay afloat with limited support if numbers start to diminish, the general population expect more facilities, not more restrictions….. Just my thoughts as a successful businessman…..

  3. Graham Slim
    Graham Slim says:

    Great move !!!!! Thank you for being so responsible and for getting the message out there.

  4. Andrew Loch
    Andrew Loch says:

    Fantastic news, completely support your decision. Hopefully no plastic cups from beverage vendors will be next!

  5. Cheryl price
    Cheryl price says:

    To contact you I had pop up window with. Summone Mail s………..
    Is that what you send or not. It said it wd be on my email now I’m concerned it was not you.

  6. liz lokhorst
    liz lokhorst says:

    Am sooo impressed with this initiative! ! Very important in terms of pure unnecessary waste disposal, or irresponsible waste disposal. We take our own water bottles anyway, Awesome to have refilling stations. The sale of plastic bottled water is completely unnecessary. Maybe other festivals etc will follow ur lead

  7. Larry bugden
    Larry bugden says:

    Sounds like another money maker for you and less freedom for us, under the guise of saving the environment?
    Bottles of water are less than 1 dollar at woolies, but you are charging $5?

    Another great event ruined by greed

  8. Michele
    Michele says:

    Ditto the comments made by LizLokhorst (above). A wonderful initiative and so simple to bring your own bottle and refill.

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